Rust Idea Compilation

Looking at the idea topic here, they have good ideas here and there, but overall they are messy, so I made a new topic to put some of the ideas argued about here:

Into a readable list. Here it is! I’ll edit it when new ideas come about!

**1. Different weather foggy, cloudy, rainy, thunder, snowy etc.

  1. Sickness from being wet.

  2. Shelters that need to be reinforced to survive the tempature/weather.

  3. Huge caves that one can get lost in (rare drops/ores?)

  4. Different biomes, maybe heavier concentration of trees in some areas.

  5. More wildlife, with appropriate meat (Pig = Raw Chicken?)

  6. Craftable Key and Lock for Doors

  7. Night Vision Goggle

  8. Thirst, lakes that can be collected from. Craftable rain catchers?

  9. Wild Fruit, pickable berries, including poisonous ones.

  10. Gathering leaves and limbs to camofluage.

  11. Character customization. (Hair, colour of pants, body shape.)

  12. Cellars / Underground Structures

  13. Compass craftable with magnetic ore. (New Item?)

  14. Vehicles of some sort? (Primitive bikes, cars super super hard to build)

  15. Paper you can draw on or write text.

  16. Signs to go with, maybe an etcher item to etch on stone also.

  17. Clothing Dyes

  18. Safe

  19. Horses

  20. Gloves

  21. Additional Resources

  22. Knife, Wooden Stick

  23. Poisoned Arrows using Poisoned Berriess maybe?

  24. Special Structures to build in mountianss.

  25. Walkie Talkies maybe? Instead of whisper system.

  26. Stone Walls

  27. More house options.

  28. Binoculars, must find lenses?

  29. Batteries or Generator for long lasting lights? Solar Panels?

  30. Animal Training / Befriending.

  31. Animal Breeding

  32. Small Animals / Plants for harvesting.

  33. Farming, with droughts maybe depending on season/weather?

  34. Low “quality” weapons.

  35. Traps to capture animals.

Clothing Dyes - Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow (purple, green are examples of mixed colors)
crafted by picking appropriated berries. Red from cherry/strawberry, blue from blueberry, yellow from sunflowers. Mix colors like red + blue = purple, yellow + blue = green, etc.

Safe - used to store away important items. Only unlock-able with a combination (ex . 123456 or 000000)

Horses - can kill for food, hide, etc. Or to tame use craft a saddle and horseshoes.

Gloves (new armor slots) - we have helmet, armor, pants and boots, no gloves at the moment.

Additional resources - Iron, bronze, silver, gold, coal, platinum, diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc. ( smelt iron + coal = steel)
Smelt Coal +

cellars/underground isn’t going to be added. They could do like a door you click and it takes you to another instance/area but that’d be the only way due to terrain issues.

  • knife, wooden stick, poisoned arrows (bleed effect), catapult (shoots small rocks), Crossbow (better aim then normal bow)
  • Keys for friends
  • Weather Seasons
  • Making own designed clothes (diffrent colors)
  • Compas to find ONLY your OWN house/stack (without a map… just North East South West) share it with friends so friends can find your house or stack you have hidden somewhere:)
  • small wooden trailer to carry some more stuff (visible to others that u carry the trailer behind you)
  • player voice emotes
  • able to build on 90 degrees hills like in the mountains
  • better display of player names
  • party system (so you cant harm your friends by accident)
  • maybe a whisper system, so you talk to friends in private without 3rth party software
  • maybe stone walls so people need more c4 then for metal walls
  • more house building options like bridges between 2 buildings
  • parachute for jumping of cliffs or high towers

Very big city with crazy zombie hordes and lots of good loot.
weather with tornados.
more building materials.
placeable light source that lasts long.
better inventory system

I really wish for only one thing to be added.

A sticky thread for suggestions in this forum.
Because dear god, there gotta be like 5 new suggestions threads every day.

garry said a long time ago that there will be no party system and that you will have to id your own team

While i agree to most on your list, here’s what i strongly disagree with.

1: Building on a 90 degree angled hill/mountainside means you can avoid being raided all together, which is one of the major aspects of the game.

2: Parachutes. No, that’s a bit too much. You could just parachute yourself onto a roof and gain easy access to any base.

3: A cart to carry stuff in is pointless. Sure, for the sake of immersion but the survival immersion has already been thrown out the window with laser sights, holo sights and the lot. It’s easier with the current system of carrying items directly in your inventory.

4: Whisper system. This is not an mmorpg. Use a voice com to communicate with friends instead. There’s an ingame voice chat, which is more than enough.

One of the things i am hoping they’ll add is a sort of channel timer i.e some items takes like 10-15-20-25 etc secs to set up. People are already abusing the fact that adding constructions is instant, like the barricades.

There should also be some sort of cooldown system for certain things like barricades and stuff you can use to your advantage to get away.

Also a system that won’t let you place structures inside other bases like those blasted doors and pillars some people enjoy placing in the mid section of a foundation so you can’t rebuild.

-Ability to go prone, which lowers your profile and makes you harder to hit.
-Always run option, otherwise I’m breaking out my G13. I don’t have a pinkie finger on my left hand, which makes holding run all the time a difficult proposition. Shouldn’t have to hold run all the time anyway.
-Animal friendship/taming - Train a wild dog or boar to be your companion.
-Plants to harvest for food/medicine and poisons/hunter’s bow and traps. Snakes, toads and lizards that can be caught and milked for venom/hunter’s bow and traps.

  • Remove “Sleep” - I know servers can disable it, but I just can’t see it being that fair. The game attempts to be more hardcore with this feature, but then lets you craft guns with just a few pieces of easily obtainable metal.

  • Suppression, something I find always adds to the feeling of a game, especially one where gunfights between players is present, is suppression - Project Reality for BF2 did this very well with the extremely blurry screen and very loud CLICK when the bullets passed nearby. I think this would be a very good addition to this game.

  • Randomised structure loot spawns, a tactic that I have employed after seeing others do the same is remain in a certain area running between loot spawns to farm it. This is of course still possible with a more randomised system, but makes it more difficult in a high-radiation zone.

  • Farming, I fear this may make the game a little to easy on the food front, but as long as seeds still need to be obtained I think this could be a great addition. Wheat could be used to make bread, bread could be used with meat to make sandwiches.

  • Fire-able flares, much like emergency signals, that can be fired into the air to draw attention. Players could use them to draw potential rob victims or call for help, or even just find friends. (Different colours would also be cool)

  • Lower “quality” crafted weapons, this is in direct reference to the model for the weapon. Crafted 9mm pistols appear as if they have just come out of a factory, would be awesome if these were as ad-hoc as the hand cannon and shotgun.

Degrading shelters/structures that require upkeep otherwise they’ll crumble away, perhaps become salvageable as wood at that point… Also, +++ to so many ideas in this thread already :smiley:



  • wood TRAP :, falling spike link to a string, or ceiling that can collapse while someone is on, then the guy fall on spike :smiley: , wolf trap ?

-**Rocket launcher **! (heavy weapon, medium aim, need to reload after each shoot, high armor cost
, great damage near to C4, perferct against the future helicopter)

  • Rusty fixed “old age” **cannon **!

About buildings

-camouflaged wall (WEAK+, just a grass wall, tu put on existing walls ?, or a wall which dosnt need foundation)

-** STONE wall** ! (heavy, long to craft, need plenty of stone, no foundation required)

: bevel pillar, to create arch or bridge without foundation under?

  • the opportunity to continue the foundation when the ground is steep. So that the foundation agency SEVERAL floor when the soil can no longer continue in a planar manner.
  • More possibility about putting “ceiling” i dont understand why i cant put a ceilting when there is 5 pillar under … i mean if there is 4 pillar well placed, other pillar shouldnt be a problem , Pleazz FIX IT!

About the GAME

-agriculture abilitys : to make plant to make seed and fruit and poison ?

-Craft menu should become more bigger/clear

Traps! Didn’t think about those, traps would be amazing. But it would need to be obvious why you have just suddenly died.

Another idea: Tracking, maybe if someone is bleeding or sprinting a subtle hint could be left on the ground around them so they can be tracked by other players, and perhaps animals could leave droppings, different colour/sizes depending on the animal - Would help a lot of new players out with starving to death as well I imagine.

Added new ideas:

Clothing Dyes
Additional Resources
Knife, Wooden Stick
Poisoned Arrows using Poisoned Berriess maybe?
Special Structures to build in mountianss.
Walkie Talkies maybe? Instead of whisper system.
Stone Walls
More house options.
Binoculars, must find lenses?
Batteries or Generator for long lasting lights? Solar Panels?
Animal Training / Befriending.
Animal Breeding
Small Animals / Plants for harvesting.
Farming, with droughts maybe depending on season/weather?
Low “quality” weapons.
Traps to capture animals.

Also numbered them.