Rust Idea!

Hello people :slight_smile:
i got an good idea i dont know if you like it or not its ok
the idea is like a old metal fuel car
like if you find the blueprint a Old Car
the crafting would be like 300 metal and 10 low grade fuel and 50 charcoal
so you put the car you get in the car put 50 low grade fuel and you can ride the speed should be like 50 or 60 :slight_smile: for default
if you hit a tree or a rock or something then the car health should be 100
hiting a player i dont know it would die or not just if you want guys
hiting houses or something metal house will not brake the house but the car will explode
thaths it i think :slight_smile: its just and idea i hope you like it if not then its ok i just had an idea

Maybe like 300 low quality metal, if there were to be a car in the game youโ€™d want it to be expensive, but a good use for low grade fuel. There is already a buggy car in the game, admins on servers can spawn it in but canโ€™t use it, theyโ€™d first have to get the car actually working first.

Well yes i know about thath car i just had an idea for survival players
well about the metal i dont really know maybe like 200 or 100 would be good

No. No fucking cars. No.

Dude its just an idea i sayd if you dont like it then its ok its just a old metal fuel car who drives 50 or 60 speed for survival its good you make a car if you crash you explode thaths it if you dont like then its ok i know what you think

It would have to be very expensive, as 300 low quality metal is something like 3000 metal fragments, we donโ€™t want loads of people driving around servers.