Rust: ideas and reflection

Hello all,

First let me ask this be moved if its in an incorrect section of the forum. I recently made a push within my EvE Online alliance(community) to start playing rust and I must say we are having a blast with it so far, good work facepunch. I actually purchased not a day or two before DayZ standalone and was alittle worried that Rust wouldnt gain retention within my community due to DayZ:SA release. However after playing both I can tell you that Rust is being played more within my community for a number of reasons;

Currently Rust favors group play much more. This in part is due to being able to have a collective spawn point via the use of sleeping bags and the focus more being gathering for bases rather than pure survival. Most of the time in DayZ currently is spent solo (lets not get into why this is about Rust! :D).

Here are some Ideas (please comment if you like/dislike)

The thing I would like to see is some crafting/mechanics that require more than a single individual. Town gates for example requiring two people to open and close to lockdown their streets. Also I would like to have some form of identification for known players that are part of your group/team/town, maybe even allow players to create their own ingame channels? how about walkie talkies?

Building, I love the modular snap to construction. I however wish you allowed more free form construction also, building into rocky areas for example is virtually impossible, being able to build some kind of drawbridge and/or rope evelator from clifftops would be kick ass also (also open up rock climbing?).

Siege construction and travel would be awsome too, think grapplehook with knotted rope, absailing, ziplines, handgliders… kites controlled on the ground to drop friends onto high places?

Weapons? how about a movable baracade that you can push forward? Battering ram? Balista firing burning oil? Swords and shields NEED to happen!

Traps - tripwires, cargo nets, pitfalls (imagine luring a bear or wolves into a pit!), spring triggered spikewalls, snares.

Crafting quality/enhancements - Not talking magic, just more random modifiers to make crafted items more unique, maybe some boots that decrease noise made or increase movement speed, bonus radiation resistance or more camoflaged.

Ugrade/repair exisiting construction. Not only from wood to metal but a continous improvement so you pump in resources of various types and get more and more advanced living quaters. Eventually maybe even electric lighting and automatic defences? =o

underground construction - would it be possible to enable the modular construction of bunkers/trenches? build hidden tunnels?

Dyes and/or warpaint or town symbol (goes with idendification) being able to change the color of your clothes or wear somthing unqiue to your party/town.

I’m sure I can think up some more but hey, its 4am and time for sleep!

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oh also, more of a progession from caveman to present day soilder. Stone > Stone hatchet with leather > 2h sword > Metal Sword and Shield > Metal Armor > Spears > crossbow > crude handcannon > Flintlock pistol > muskets > Revolver > Rifle.

Would LOVE to see all of these in the final release. +1

My opinion as a more of a solo player is that there should be chances for us to survive too, and some of these make it harder than what it already is for a solo player, and i think they should balance it a bit. Great ideas otherwise.

I would love to be able to pick up arrows i shoot so i dont waste as many.

Awesome post! I agree with everything you said. Pretty creative!

I agree with you, sir.

Well traps would help a solo player, combined with building into more rocky/hidden areas. As it stands right now because you all look the same and the nametag display range is very short its actually quite hard to keep track of who is friend and foe, which shouldnt be the case.

I think that in these kinds of games its very easy to be a solo player which is why killing on sight tends to happen alot.

store window where you can put up goods for a price and people can come to the window and purchase items?

Opens up some economy, puts in a chance for bank robbery/shop raiding.

Something like this could be pretty cool. But its already in the game ;). Make a house and advertise it as a shop. The same as any other shop irl. You just stand the chance of getting robbed pretty easy, so make sure your in a pretty secure village/territory first.

I notice your english too? How old are you guys that play? I wouldnt mind joining a group :slight_smile: … Mature group i should add heh.

I’d like to see signposts. It would be a simple addition and would add a lot of flavor to the idea of claimed land.

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