Rust in 2D(Garry don't sue me! just having fun!)




The sprites! BYOND Nostalgia!

LOL damn right.

Are there hackers in the game?

Anyway good work

Tibia - Rust Version? :zoid:

I dont like it

That just looks like a generic 2d murder man game nobody would like to play
I don’t even think of Rust when I look at those images, 3.14/10 for effort

I forgot to mention its in alpha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chop shop the SS13 codebase and u should have everything needed to make a 2d rust

i think the AI is broken. the nakeds haven’t been murdered by the kev.

You mean like this?

Lol really don’t think he asked for your critique. But good job being a dick

Wow, did I seriously manage to insult people in the Rust forums? I can’t resist shitposting when I’m tired.
I’m actually terribly sorry. Please note that I love BYOND games and I’m a massive SS13 fan, so a game like this would actually interest me. Don’t take what I said personally, considering that I probably couldn’t create half of those sprites.

you should add a little shelter

Hey, Kiets: do you actually have anything to say, or you going to be one of those dipshits that just goes around all day throwing around dumb-rates haphazardly? :wink:

I was hoping that dumb was from him, would have been a knee slapper.

lmao - I am still expecting it.

Maybe later. Still working on rad suit, guns, radiation, water, trees, etc. Gotta grab me a beer to feel motivated!

must be a friendly server. there are still 3 nakeds alive XD

a kev without an m4? madness…