Rust in GNU/Linux

Hello everyone!

Not if this message reaches the hands of a developer, but at least I try. I’m using both Windows and GNU/Linux. Normally only game in Windows as trying to play on GNU/Linux is a fucking torture.
It really is unplayable. Does this development platform is abandoned?. Because if so I do not bother to update. Devblog after Devblog update in hopes that better. But it seems not.


It is well known issue that linux version is not working. Be patient.

Play your games on Windows, and do your tech stuff on Linux, or GNU/Linux if you prefer.

The Linux version is working fine for me. Might be dev branch though

now that’s what I do, but it is very annoying to be changing system.

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I will do a new installation, system and game.

That is no solution. This game is marketed as linux compatible.

that’s really true. If Facepunch will not support the version of Linux, I do not understand the need to add a Linux version

Facepunch WILL support it. Jeez guys, the game is in EA, you can’t expect everything to work flawlessly.

Flawlessly perhaps not, but working at all would be nice. Hasn’t worked for 3 weeks for me.