rust in peices

R.I.P - Rust in Pieces Wiped 18/1/2014 7pm Gmt

we want to welcome people to our server, aiming to create a fun community for everyone. Even if you want to be a bandit or friendly civilian.
Trolls and inappropriate players will be banned instantly. The admins play the game as regular players, no abuse of admin rights. Feel free to ask any question using the in game chat (Press T, or enter to chat.

R.I.P - Rust In Pieces net.connect
When you spawn you’ve hardly got anything, you’re all alone and you have no clue where you are. That means you’re an easy target and you want to find shelter as soon as possible. You can craft a wooden shed and start building your base, , or you can run to our Safe Zone in order to survive long enough to find your own place to settle:
There will be crates available for storage, limited amount of sleeping bags, hatchets, clothes and food, furnaces and workbenches in the common room. This place is owned by the admins and used by everyone on the server, if you wreck it you ruin for yourself, and nobody else.

*RP (roleplay)
it’s not fun to gather the items you need just to be killed off right away, especially when you just found the place you want to build and now you’ve spawned halfway across the map. Communicate with other players, you might be able to rob him of his loot with both of your lives still intact, or even make a new friend.

This server frowns upon KILL ON SIGHT players , we are trying to create a server where people talk and make their intentions clear, even if they are there to rob you or make friends.
Its much more fun to kill someone while they running away, than in the back of the head without them knowing your there.

(Hold down V and use your voice to talk). Interacting with other players will increase your game experience.

this is a game of survival, there are several threats luring outside in the wilderness such as bears and wolfs, even zombies, but let’s not forget about the biggest threat of all, other players. This survival game can very quickly turn into a war game if you pick the wrong foes, working with your friends and creating a group will increase your survival rate. Look out for bandits and raids.
BE AWARE: When you log out your character goes to sleep and you may still be killed, be sure you find a safe place before logging off/going to sleep.

(These four rules only apply within the Safe Zone.)

  1. No killing. Be friendly. You can’t make friends if you shoot them first.
  2. Replace what you take. If you take any items or food, make sure to replace it before you leave.
  3. Do not destroy any sleeping bags, and pick up your own when you leave.
  4. You are only allowed wooden doors on the private rooms. Remove your door when you leave. The entrance doors are metal-doors that will remain open.
    (Before you leave - means when you’ve found your base and you are ready to move on.)
    The admins will clear out the doors once a week for maintenance.

*Kits: kits available are /starter /Hunter

*Door Sharing: sick of all them doors to enter a joint base, share doors with friends
ingame chat type /share “players name”

*Private Messaging: message only sent to the player named
ingame chat type: /pm “players name” “message”

*Custom Loot Table:
modern weapons uncraftable but you can find them from zombies and airdrops

We hope the server will succeed and it’s down to YOU (the players) to make this work.
Please follow the rules and have a great time.

*Server restart once a day
*Server WIPE - only when needed for game changing patches and updates, otherwise as rare as possible.

R.I.P - Rust In Pieces net.connect

(To connect to the server press F1 when you have loaded up the game, type “net.connect” followed by the ip:port address. That means:

  • Press F1
  • Copy Paste this: net.connect
  • Press Enter, and wait)

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

Great server and much fun! Come get involved!

thank you, we are working hard to make a more role play server. seems to be working well :slight_smile:

It’s a very nice server which could do with a few new faces!
Very relaxing :3


server is up and everyone is in bed so good time to start and build a base in peace

fresh wiped an hour ago

a few players on over night but still quite a fresh map

The admins have added a few new mods to the server now, like being able to see who killed who / what killed you, chat log etc. just very helpful mods :3


[editline]19th January 2014[/editline]

oxicide mods all installed

server running on little to no lag and 250 slots

server had been updated for new patch so no log in problems here

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all mods working now, took 2 hours to fix after update but worth the time :slight_smile:

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nice to see new players hope you enjoy the server

things are starting to look up for the sever :slight_smile: it’s very nice to see!

Haha. 30 seconds after i joined i got chased by 4 people and killed (: