Rust in third person???

Well i was reading the rust general chat when i saw this.

Is there a way to put rust in third person now because if there is please tell me. :smiley: thanks!

type in console

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(console is F1)

Love you.

<3 thanks man!

How do I go back to first person? ^^ :slight_smile:


Is there a complete list of console commands we can use?

I was looking for this earlier, would be nice.

No but you can do find in the console like in source

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How can I see my character like in this video ? If you type in console I see ma character from behing my back. I want to see how my helmet looks like… help me pls :stuck_out_tongue:

Was removed?

yes I would belive so, since I think it gives an unfair advantage

aye, it give you 360 degrees self-awareness along with the ability to see around cover/corners

I really like 3rd-person view in shooters…

Perhaps it could be an option for admins to include, so some servers lock the view to 3rd and others lock to first-person?

Admins could state the view used in the server description. And if someone didn’t like it then they clicked on the wrong server (because admin didn’t write *-person) or because they didn’t read the server’s description.

First-person to me is like wearing blinkers. In 3rd-person, there’s more situational awareness, like where your feet are, and you get to see your character, like how they look.

I wonder if at some stage regarding the current way we see third-person used, (peeking) that it might lead to a rethink, where the 3rd-person view operates slightly differently, so that if a player attempts to peek from behind something from where they would not, as it stands, ordinarily be seen, then they activate an animation where the character sticks their head out, revealing more of their head as they “lean” to peek further around or over something.

I have no idea about programming, or if some other game I haven’t tried has attempted something like this, but something like that would rid the advantage 3rd-person gives via peeking without revealing yourself.

Well you have to admit only having 1st person adds to the intensity of this game. But it would be nice to have a mirror as I assumed Kevlar made me blue since it’s blue in your inventory and in fact it’s black. Besides that I think it’s great the 3rd person view is gone.

At the same time I imagine the issue of armor color not consistent between inventory and wearing is probably on their to-do list.

3rd person view should be something that server admins can disable

my reasoning:

You realise this thread was from September 2013 ? If you want to discuss the possibility of a 3rd person option for server admins then you should probably start a new thread, not necro an old one meant to ask what the command was.

3rd person view was disabled some patches ago…

Bring it back