Rust Ingame FAQ's [Updated Daily]

Hey all, been playing rust and ive noticed that majority of chat in game are people asking questions. this includes myself sometimes.
so im starting a Ingame FAQ’s thread that i will update. ill post questions to get it started but then ill take answers and questions from the replies. dont know something? ask here and when someone answers it i will add it to the list so its easy to find for future readers.

**BASICS: **

Q: How many hits does an axe take to break a wooden door with full health?
A: 112 hits

Q: How many hits does a pickaxe take to break a wooden door with full health?
A: 56 hits

Q: Do bluebrints you’ve learned stay with you when you die?
A: Yes, they last forever

Q: Can you break this this and that?!
A: With melee you can break doors,boxes,barricades, ramps, stairs, sleeping bags, storage bags, fires, wood shelters (the craftable one)
With C4/nades you can break walls,doorways,metaldoors, and everything above

Q: Difference between a pickaxe and a hatchet?
A: Pickaxe gathers resources much faster with the exception of harvesting animals and does 2x damage with slightly more range (slower hits)

Q: Can you destroy other peoples sleepingbags?
A: Yes. in under 20 hits

Q: what Happens when you place multiple sleepingbags in the world?
A: You will spawn at the last sleeping bag you placed. old one is NOT removed

Q: How many F1 Nades does it take to destroy a metal door?
A. Metal doors take 11 grenades to destroy.

Q: How many explosive charges does it take to destroy a metal door
A: 3 Total for fresh doors. Generally only need 2 because of decay

Q: How does decay work?!
A: decay destroys structures and doors over a time span of around 4 days (little faster for doors) starting from the top of your house down.

Q: how do you repair stuff?
A: right click the decayed object with the required resource (wood, metal, leather, cloth, etc)

A: the airplane is a world event in which occures once every ingame day (so once an hour). It drops 1-3 crates in which can contain anything from 100’s of ammo to c4 to crafting materials to medkits.

feel free to ask more questions and ill update. these are the basics that i can think of on the spot, someone grave dug this thread and since there are about 600 new players i thought i’d update it since it might be useful again.

Last Updated 1st Sept 2013
*ty mod for adding date. will keep updated

Yes you can destroy sleeping bags, you will spawn at the last sleeping bag you created.

They last forever except when there is a complete wipe inventory and all

i dont think its 77 hits to destroy a door more like 30

56 hits for a pickaxe to break a wooden door with full health. Been confirmed multiple times.

I wish I knew that sooner lol using a hatchet takes for eveeeeer :smiley:

Updated. Guys make sure to leave questions for others to answer :slight_smile: think of this thread as the one place you wont be a noobfagwhoreslut for asking questions.

also if cussing is against the rules then noobfagwhoreslut is my last name… in which case it will be a hate crime to ban me simply because of my foreign last name.

will update again in morning.

This isn’t a question but i had it answered recently:

  1. If someone blocks your entrance with a wooden shelter, you can use a pickaxe to destroy it. (# of hits unknown)

  2. Metal doors take 11 grenades to destroy. (I could be wrong. A friend on TS made a load in his base and kept chucking them until destroyed)

I will ask:
What can you destroy? i was surprised you could destroy wooden shelters, can we pickax anything else?

I destroyed a wooden door with 150-165 hits (hatchet).

i destroyed a wood door in a door frame, but i cant place a metal one in its place?

This is extremely helpful! Thanks laziest!

Pretty sure if it is exposed to the outside it decays quicker than if it is enclosed.

It has a cooldown. You’ll have to wait a few minutes for the small thing at the bottom of the doorway to go disappear.

Sorry but… Can I move objects like boxes?

No. But you can destroy them and place them somewhere else.

Thanks, but If I destroy them I don’t get them back, or? I have to craft them again, right?

Yes, you will have to craft them again.

How do kill bleck zombiz?? plez answer me :))

I’ve been playing this game since open alpha a few months ago and until now I never knew how many hits it took to break down a wooden door :v:

Thanks, man.

lellelel ur such a master trol

On topic: Doesn’t a pickaxe drain more hunger than a hatchet when you swing it?