Rust Ingame UFO or Glitch?

Hey guys, I was on Rust with my friend earlier when we saw this. He decided to take couple screenshots of it. We thought it was a graphical glitch but then the thing decided to make some sort of vibrating noise and move from left to the right. It was also affecting the water by making reflections and sparkles come out of it which made us question whether if it was a graphical glitch or not.

it’s when they’re watching

I dn’t know since I’ve never played the game but iit looks like a graphical glitch to me. That’s my opinion anyway.


hahahha good one!

it’s a bugged cloud

If it was a flying saucer, it would probably look like some geometry. This just looks like a mess pixels. Perhaps the mountain the distance isn’t being drawn correctly.

It looks like a shader error. Probably an outdated driver.

I have updated drivers and it still shows up, might be something else.
Just remember, what doesn’t kill you is good.

That’s what they want you to think.

It would probably help the guys if you tell them what graphics card you have then.

That way we can confirm if you’re just a nutty conspiracy theorist or the man worthy of first contact.
(And the FP team can fix the “glitch”… cough UFO cough).


nice links on steam :stuck_out_tongue: was curiouse of what it was.
But it looked like a buged out cloud so graphical glitch.
Did your freind see it too?

Half Life 3 confirmed?

E.T. Phoned in and is looking for a Rust Key like the rest of us.

That’s exactly what I thought too but it turns out my driver is up to date. Another thing is that both my friend and I saw it so it wasn’t client side.

Yep, we both saw it.

that’s me in the ufo

they are watching

lol i saw you post in the server if we saw the ufo XD
i tough it was a joke :smiley:

It’s the beginning of a portal storm, the combine are coming.

It’s nothing, move along. :3