Rust inspired fan art

Hi everyone, just wanted to share some rust inspired art I made. I wanted to stay faithful to the Rust style while also throwing in some of my own ideas, hope you like it! If I have time I’ll update this thread with any more Rust related art. Cheers!

I like this a lot. Please post/create more!

Wow that’s amazing. Do you happen to have a higher resolution version, so it could be used as a wallpaper ?

Very nice, OP.

Anyone still remember this one from the good old times?:


Thanks guys, really appreciate it

@Sniffr0st: here is a larger wallpaper size version as well as a sfw version if anyone wants it


You managed to make “FUCK OFF” sound scarier than usually.

Great work! Well i think i have to change my old wallpaper:D

A hay roof, brilliant. Wish the game had that kind of roof instead of flat ones.

Love the ‘‘Fuck Off’’ :slight_smile:

Thank for new wallpaper! :v: That picture is just gorgeous.

I really love it. Please do more thumbsup

greetz Kanlo

thank you for the kind words guys, means a lot! Here is another concept I did for fun, hope you like it!

also here is the wallpaper size for those interested:

Holy tits that’s great and well done. Just like my steak, huehuehue.
I would attempt at drawing the rainbow in the background and get it wrong.
This is amazingly detailed and, dinosaur mounts.

Okay now they have to add dinosaurs after that picture lol

Omg Dinosaurs…

Love it! You are doing this very well. I don’t know now which I
should set as wallpaper :smiley:

Wow, love all this art! Wish I was talented enough to do THAT.

Truly astounding stuff OP. For a second I thought this was official stuff. A+

thank you guys, really appreciate it

I forgot I did this a little while back, its kind of similar to the top image but I took a more photographic approach

At first I thought… Dinos wont fit into the whole rust theme. I just couldn’t depict it in my head. However this has brought to life that idea that perhaps dinosaurs could become an essential and challenging part of rust life.

Imagine the idea of farming with your friends and placing the logs in your dinosaur then a t-rex decides to make it his lunch.

If rust had this kind of art style, I totally could imagine dinos in this game. I was originally against them but this is incredible. I know that they won’t implement dinos now but if you made this concept before they were changing loads of stuff, they would have took it into consideration.