Rust Installation Error

Hi guys,

I originally had a problem downloading the Devblog 32 update for Rust. The update loading screen would pop up but no progress was ever made and eventually an error message popped up saying “could not install update (connection timed out)”. I tried re-starting my steam and computer several times but I still had the same problem. Eventually I uninstalled Steam entirely with the hope of re-installing it and re-downloading Rust completely. But now when I try to re-install the game, the installation loading window doesn’t make any progress and eventually an error message comes up saying “could not install rust (connection timed out)”. I have tried finding any hidden cache files on my computer that may be preventing the download, and after removing all files related to Rust and Steam and re-installing steam again, the game still won’t install. Is there anyone who might know the solution to this problem?