Rust installing problem

i bought rust and i delete it couse of some kind of errors like punch_connector and etc…
but now when i try to instal the game via steam its says download paused after it complete 1-5%
and its says an error occurred while updating rust (disk write error)

if someone can help with that it could be great .

Edit: my rig is

windows 7 64 bit
8 ram
gtx 650 ti

send a steam support ticket

someone else ? ?

disk write error could mean your HD is on it’s way out, maybe just a bad sector.

Restart your computer and try again.

Make sure the disk you’re installing Rust on isn’t full.

Well i did try to restart my computer it didnt work and i have 500 gb to spend ,
so maybe another tip someone have ? ?

btw i checked the system req and its says that the os is only for win xp and win 8.1 and im using win 7 64 bit and i played the game before but maybe now its not working for win 7 ? ?

Have you tried to run Chdisk?

This isnt the right thread but I couldn’t find a better place for this. I just wanted to share my experience. I played rust a few hours and decided it was the coolest game I ever played. I was on a official server and a guy let me live with him, a nice kid. Then another guy walked flew through the air and walked through his walls and destroyed all his stuff he worked for for a month. I felt kinda bad for him. I looked into other servers trying to find one where the game wasn’t really rampaged by hackers. I actually wanted to play the game, so I decided to start a private server and slowly invite people who played fairly. I went through I had the server for 6 weeks and spent the whole time sending tickets and trying to get it to work. Every response I got was “try restarting it” and the ticket was closed. The server never worked and I never got help. I asked for help cancelling my service for 2 weeks. I had to threaten them with a virus before they replied with help cancelling the service. I feel like $100 was stolen from me, and I had a bad feeling dealing with a foreign company with a shady energy to it. I suppose I was just really exited to play. Its been two months and I really have not played the game yet. I tried other servers in community and modded but I never played a hour without something destroying my efforts. Like a no wipe server wiping every few days, or dropping 300 airdrops a hour, or immortal admins blowing up my house. Maybe I just have not found a safe place in this game yet, or don’t understand. Does the entire game play with hacks and duplicating items? I just cant see the fun it that and cant find a place to actually play the game. I decided to quit the game but love the idea and if I can get any advice on finding a place to play where its actually a game still I would love to play. I was willing to pay $60 a month I like games so much that’s not designed for kids, or where dying actually means something and work is applied and such. I want to add I tried about 15 servers all called antihack no abuse and such. It seems a problem unattended to that makes the game unplayable. Perhaps stop sitting around drawing penises and clown paint and spend a little time dealing with all the 14 year old punks that killed the game, no offence im just saying if you want people to play it, it seems the obvious response. It doesn’t matter to me im just the consumer is all.

whats that ?


Try Steam Support’s article about this error message. Not like it can be Googled or anything.

i did evreything that its says its still paused in the 10-20 %

Open Windows Explorer, right-click on your hard drive (the one you’re trying to install Rust to, if you have more than one), click Properties.

Go into the Tools tab and click the button to start checking the drive for errors.

There is no need to run defrag, just check the drive for errors. Check both boxes (attempt to fix and examine the surface of the drive) and hit start. It’ll tell you it can’t do it until the next reboot, if you’re doing this on the Windows system drive, and that’s normal.

If it requires a restart, restart when it’s convenient and then let it run. It may take an hour or two, since it’ll be inspecting the drive itself. Be patient and let it do its work.

did it yesterday all night i was waiting and when i woke up i enter steam and push the install button and its finish the 10% and says this error again [an error occurred while updating rust (disk write error)] any one form the game developers can help me i bought the game and i want to play it . .

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well i think i know the problem i just went to control panel and uninstall a program and i saw that steam is not even installed
but i could enter the steam exe so i delte steam for the C: disk now i will install it in :C disk not :c/programfiles (86x) hope it will work

hang on…what? steam isn’t installed? it would need to be to install rust at all i would think:)

no offence intended, but i think you need someone to help you in person…not sure you know what you’re doing.

well half of my pc files have been delete couse i have virus in my pc im going to format my pc this week so i hope it will fix it .

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and yes i do know what im doing .

i’ll take your word on your computer skills. mine are pretty average i’ll admit, but you seem to be having difficulties beyond the topic of the thread. i’d focus on the reformat if there’s any debate about the integrity of your files, because if there is corruption odds are nothing suggested will help yet:)

that said, have you run some decent antivirus software to clean out whatever is “deleting” your files? you might be able to just rollback to a previous restore point if you can clear whatever infection is there.

either way my point is the same. i would think steam would have to be mostly intact for you to download rust; if its not, i have no idea how you are doing it.

i did donwload an a file that seems like it is infected but i still run it so that was my mistake .
that virus dmg my antivirus aswell and my C: disk i dont have Computer skills like other people here mine are kinda weak but i can understand a little .

nvm rust working now

Worry less about Rust, worry more about removing malware from your machine. All bets are off until you do.

Reboot into safe mode and run a virus scan then.