Rust Interactive Map - Provided by Russian Rust Community

Hi there!

I am the owner of Russian community of Rust (

And just today, I released second version of our own “Interactive” Rust map. I would like everyone to check it out and let me know what you think.

It’s not completely done yet, so if you got any suggestions, please leave it below.


Thank you! c:

Just saying, but we already have maps like that.
And they’re even complete (I think).

Have a look at, it might help getting some new idea’s. Right now, your map is too poor and lack of informations.

Also, the north is not the north on your map anymore (The sun path changed since last update).

What does this map offer that all the others don’t? Already several maps with far more info than this out there.

Its just an image no very interactive O.o


what about this? Why reinvent the wheel?

As a programmer, I can relate to reinventing the wheel. I often reinvent software that already exists, but then I can manipulate it and make a different approach, try something out and so on. I also took the map as image from rustmap to fiddle around with it. One thing that I didn’t like was that it doesnt show the location when you click on any part of the map. I think some other map did that but there the marker placing was broken.
Even if it results in being a useless copy, you still have improved on your php/javascript skills while making the map.

Wise words my friends.

Thank you all for your replies. Yes, it’s poor right now but I got few plans to make it look beautiful. :quagmire: