Rust INTRO by MDemon

I really liked that! only things i would change is to add violence in one of the later frames, and to put the classic ruddy trefoil up right after ‘RUST’ drops in.

This got me pumped for rust.

I will think about it

I really like it. Minimalistic as I like, maybe a little bit too long for a game intro. But it would be great to see an animation like this during loading times. Great work man.

Thank you

too long, shorten it up!

I will load the new version tomorrow

intro in progress! comment please

add a small zoom in the picture to make it less static, and tone down the sound effects, have some kind of jingle instead.


I liked v2 but maybe not repeat the sounds

thank you

remove the zombies please

Those aren’t zombies…

Those are nakeds, with red, evil, eyes who want your gear :wink:

wp sir