Rust Inventory Ideas

So I got this idea, why not add backpack slot, and additional carry slot?
On backpack slot you could put “school backpack” with like ~10 slots, or “military backpack” with 20 slots.
Additional carry slot would be like little bag under backpack (upgrade for military backpack) or slot on your leg (bag attached to your leg and belt, there are ones in real life).

That would add something new to the game.

Also why we don’t have vests in game? Like light vest (more slots, less armor), heavy vests (less slots, more armor) that could let us carry only ammo?

Please, no.
Sure, DayZ has some good ideas but we don’t have to take all the basic stuff from it.

do not agree with this. Inventory space is big enough

Sure. The asscrack inventory systen we have now is good and should stay

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>DayZ invented backpacks in video-games

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I’m sure that’s what the devs are working on.
I doubt they are going to stick with the “Place hundreds of items up your asscrack” system

What do you want to say with that?

he says that backpacks doesn’t belong to DayZ

Well, sure it doesn’t.
But you know the context with Rust to DayZ.
And backpacks would be too simple anyway.
Whats about some inventory extensions like in FarCry 3?

yeah it wuold be good

Imo only way to make inventory bigger is to do somekind of pushed/pulled cart… It’s kinda against the basic idea when you have over 3000 pieces of rock in your current backpack…

So you don’t want inventory increasing bags like DayZ do to Rust being Rust.
But you want a system like FarCry 3 were you made bags to increase inventory? So I take a left at albuquerque?

Is it the needing of a new slot/gear that tosses you or is it just one of the “Hurp de Durp this is nots DayZ” thing?
I’m just lost. Cool with finding M-4 on the ground but god help us if I find backpack.

To OP, I’m with you on a new inventory system. Thy told me “Surviver Game” not up C.O.D up the butt edition.

‘Survival Game’ doesn’t mean ‘Realistic in all senses’. That’s what the ‘game’ part of the phrase means.

There is absolutely no reason to add elements of realism that do nothing but add tediousness to the game. There is absolutely no fun in only being able to carry around a realistic amount of rocks and wood.

At Tristen:
If we want to get rid of unfun realism we can toss out the gathering of wood and rocks. On that we can toss out building, crafting, hunger and just leave it as a run around shooter and call it a day.

Yes to much realism can ruin a game, heck people cried over sleepers being put in.
I wish I had the link were Gerry said he wanted this game world to be built by the players hands, he said something about cars but players would build the gas tanks to hold the fuel needed for them instead of gas stations being littered around. That feels very real and a lot of tedious work to me.

If the level realism was a real problem for them I would like to remind the forum,
Exhibit A: A cargo plane that not only drops in weapons along side with building supplies but has C-4.
Exhibit B: A “soon” to be implemented helo decked out in guns and missiles. That one day will let the player in.

But hay if its to tedious to place in bags then Gerrys call. But for people to walk in and say it wont work do to DayZ or its to “real” for the game just irks me a bit.

You’re misunderstanding what I said. I said that ‘realism’ by itself is not a reason to include an idea. Gathering resources to craft, build, eat, and survive is fun because it specifically encourages competition, planning, and some luck. Being forced to run an extra 15 miles to gather the same resources because of a limited backpack adds nothing fun to that equation.

I’m with you and what you said, I just gave out extreme examples.

Yes adding stuff can encourage behavior, I will not want and ask for true DayZ inventory do to the crafting this game has over (for the time) DayZ and thus the need for more on the hand items. I am not also asking for a stack of logs to take up my full inventor and slow me down to snail speed. But to say that limited space kills the game is like saying logging off and having your body left behind was a bad game breaking idea. All reasons you listed are still there and enhanced by inventory change. You will still be hunted down for having a bag on your back, you will have to plan even more for what if you find a dead guy with C-4 on him, and the luck it takes to make it with a full bag is the same as you have now with this “Item Phasing”.

People don’t want a DayZ clone, Gerry wont let it be a DayZ clone. But (food analogy) if a little vinegar taste great why not try it with this?

Inventory and bags has been something I have played around with for some time. Please do not necro this post! This can work well with this game, all we need test out ideas and see what happens.

I really like the idea of expanding inventory slots and weight limits, and every item has weight and crafted bags can be made with special BPs that only admins can drop on the map (in scarrry places).