Rust - Inventory lag/freeze

Im playing Rust with most of the times around 60fps, but almost everytime, when I open the inventory or check a container my game freezes, sometimes up to 5 seconds. Its really beginning to annoy me as it happens almost every time I open my inventory. I do not get this freezes anywhere else except when pressing TAB to open the inventory or checking a container in game.

Performance is terrible right now after the last two updates, hopefully they bring out an update to fix it soon.

How much ram do you have?

How much ram does the game take when this happens?

Do you have a HDD or a SSD?

What’s the hard fault count on your memory when the freezing occurs?

What’s the hard drive usage when the freezing occurs?

I went from a HDD to a SSD and those freezing when 99% away. Also, it used to be much worse a couple updates ago. I think once your ram is full then it starts swapping to your pagefile on your HDD/SSD causing a freeze every time a resource needed cannot be found in the memory and needs to be pulled from the drive.

8gb RAM and I dont have an SSD. And im not even sure how to check the other things you asked

  1. Ram game takes you can see it in the task manager or resource monitor. (Ctrl+Shift+Escape, Performance tab, Resource Monitor button)

  2. The hard fault count will be shown in the resource monitor at the top of the memory list. That number is for all processes and it is of interest, make sure the only thing causing a high number of hard faults is Rust, other processes would mean that they are hogging your system while you play. Hard faults are a result of lack of ram or too few usable ram (buy more ram or free up as much as possible for the game to use, I play with 8gb too and it’s very playable).

  3. Hard drive usage is also seen in the resource monitor. Drive usage is generally not a problem but it is an indication that you might be having a lot of hard faults. If you correlate lag spikes with spikes in drive usage then it most likely means that you also have hard faults.

I checked and im not having any hard faults, not even on rust