Rust is acting up

I recently updated my Graphics Card Drivers (I have a GeForce GTX 860M ) and when I tried to play Rust, I enter game and it is really lagy and all of my GUI bars are black! Im running at 3-8 FPS where I used to be running at 60FPS (I play the game on Good Quality) Even when I start up the game it seems to be glitching there is no loading screen to the main menu just black, and when the main menu comes up its pretty lagy as well! I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the game as well as I have tried to verify my game cash etc. I hope someone can help me! Because I really love this game!

More info:
My computer has 8Gbs of ram, and i7 2.30 GHz Prosesser and I run Windows 8

Thanks for all the help in advance looking forward to the help! :slight_smile:

Make sure your GTX 860M is the default graphics adapter. It sounds like it’s using the integrated graphics instead.

How would I go about doing that?

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Ok Well I figured out how to set the default graphics card but it still dident work! absolutely no difference? Any other suggestions?

Download Nvidia Inspector. Click the tools icon near the driver version box.

Access the profile for Rust. If one doesn’t exist, create it.

Find the “Shim Rendering Mode Options per Application for Optimus” option, and set it to SHIM_RENDERING_OPTIONS_DEFAULT_RENDERING_MODE and then save the profile. Then try Rust.

I downloaded the Application and found the rust profile and it was already set to SHIM_RENDERING_OPTIONS_DEFAULT_RENDERING_MODE by default.

And i went into the game and nothing has changed, unfortunately…

Try toggling PVT on and off. Turning it on should increase performance after a bit of extra loading time, but turning it off might help performance right now due to bugs.

I tried toggleing it and it still did not work. Also the rust menu screen is still lagy and they status bars are sill black, when for instance i hover my mouse over the server tab it takes like 5 secs to select it and the join server button is suposed to be green but its black.