RUST is At Time Hardcore PvP Game!

overall in the game Deathmatch me killed after reswawn what is wrong with the people here`? a Fresh Respawning to kill.
Players have me yesterday 100 x killed without reason i cant not right play

Make no fun more this Destroy RUST!!

Sry for my Bad English!

You have a very valid point. However it’s something you have to deal with, try to keep your distance from the fresh spawns because they are the most aggressive because they have nothing to lose. I’ve met quite a bit of geared people who leave the fresh spawns alone and I do the same. I’m more of the friendly type, I don’t shoot on sight but if you pose any threat to me or don’t leave me alone I will take action :wink:

Kids will be Kids man. Better get used to it when your playing online games.

A demilitarized starting area would be an interesting idea to explore, IMHO.

A few (2-3) seconds of invincibility right after spawning could also tone down the spawn-killing that seems to plague the new player areas. Someone would have to think twice about standing over a sleeping bag, waiting for its owner to spawn.

That wont really help I think they’d wait the 2-3 seconds to kill you. If the time is increased well they would kill another player with invincibility activated or go through a big radiated area with a free pass if they spawn close to one.

The idea isn’t to have it be overpowered. Temp invincibility can really fuck with the raiding aspect of the game, but it’s something to be considered. It’s not exactly fair that your orientation when you spawn can be used against you by someone with equivalent weapons, or that you can take a hit due to a couple of mS lag before your shit renders fully and you can actually do something about it. The more players you have on a server, the more problems like this you will encounter.

Games that punish a player for being new usually don’t last very long. It’s one thing to suck, but another to encounter rampant bullshit from the first moment you ever log in.

Pretty sure the invincibility would only be against player damage. If you’d be stupid, that’d be on you.

This guy gets it. Spawning in the middle of a radiation area doesn’t instantly kill you, anyway. It builds up radiation over time.

Yeah that’d make more sense player protected from player damage and getting shot running around naked with a hatchet is bullshit so I think that it would be nice to have Protection for a little bit.

Actually. I’d prefer only to have the protection for a few seconds and if you spawn randomly. If you spawn on your camp, it wouldn’t protect you.