Rust is AWESOME!

Hello everyone, my full name is Jógvan Martin Rubek Davidsen from faroe island i love this game. But today my account got hacked and it’s my birthday… Does anyone know when i can buy the full game so i can play again?

You can’t.

You need a key to play and currently that is the only way.

I don’t know but i have been listen to this song for 1 hour again… It’s awesome :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know if i am normal… Got it from Garry

Your unfortunately out of luck, unless you can PM a mod to change your PW for your Rust, I don’t believe they can believe you/ retrieve your account for you.

the next nyan cat? lol

You new users haven’t been very smart people.

everytime I look in this section I have to head to the hot girls thread to douse my eyes

I made a new user on here cuz the other one was hacked get it…

What was your old account name?

I’m no internet detective but it seems pretty obvious you’ve never played this game before.


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Player not found. Just as I suspected.

Not on Facepunch either.