Rust is Becoming a New Game

i feel rust has moved away from its emphasis on survival in legacy and has now become a clan dominated game and if your not in a clan you might aswell not even start playing on wipes. Single players and brand new players have hardly any chance at succeeding on servers due to the new deployable system with the quarries, high qual metal etc. Their bases remain stone as their unable to upgrade their base as they get fuck all high qual metal making it easy for the 6 man clans to raid. in saying this is all new and needs balancing but just stating my opinion atm. After all this game is still in alpha but it annoys me how the devs continue to buff big groups and nerf single players of the game.

i know theres going to be people saying you suck at the game and what not but this is coming from a 900+ hour player i know how to play the game, all in all the game takes so long to set up as a lone wolf for it all to be taken away on day 2 of wipe by a 6 man clan with 20 c4.

I also think the return of wood piles from legacy is a massive way to balance out the game as this way clans cant sit on the corner of the map in a forrest and get 70k wood within 15 minutes. it will also not be as fucking boring as sitting at a tree looking at pixels while harvesting wood and encourage people to explore the maps.

People didn’t work together in legacy?

Imo in legacy is was easy to get good gear. In rust right now if you dont find a good spot you will almost always be dominated by a clan of people. That’s from my expierence in the game so far.

Or just become Rambo, a one man army. Go raid bases in the cover night, James Bond style.

they did but its no where near the state its at now were your forced to be in a clan or “group” to have any success in the game. on legacy you could succeed as lone wolf as you could build a base and it was pretty rare for someone to have enough c4 to raid you within day 5 of wipe as you had to find the bp’s, even if this did happen servers lasted more than 6 days with 100 people on there unlike current servers, so you could go back on repair your base and start gathering. also c4 is more easily attainable for groups especially on servers where bp’s arent wiped when the map is like legacy and you craft it straight off the get go. Simply get in your group mine a bunch of sulphur and your 70k wood from the corner of the map and sit it in your 30 furnace room and let it run for 24 hours straight and youl be able to have enough c4 to go raiding the small bases in the morning. ive been in clans before garry but i’d rather play with 1 of me mates or myself buts thats not something that can easily happen atm as i have to hit trees for 3 hours and by the time im set up with a couple of guns after looking for hq metal for ages the server wipes.

Not everyone. A ton of us played alone.

Why do I have to play with other people, when in Legacy I did not have to?

Do you really want to change Rust from a game you can play solo to a game you can’t?

Just fix the loot and progression problems for solo players. Please.

agree 100%. Shouldnt have to be forced to play a certain way

Why do you guys insist on saying that you or solo players are forced to play a certain style?
There is only one style, surviving.
The issue here isn’t the abilities you are given it’s about the abilities to make something out of nothing.
If you cannot do that as a individual or even as a team player…you really should just hang it up.
I must attest however, I do play on a modded server and that is a different animal in itself.
The playing field is still the same after a wipe or as a new player.
I am a solo player and it is usually myself who is attacking the bigger clans.
I have great success and I am usually the one who they least suspect.
Sorry to say this op…LTP!

I seriously doubt people are running around with 20 C4 on day 2 after a wipe.

So for 20 C4:
55,000 Sulfur
75,000 Charcoal
5,000 Metal Fragments
480 Animal Fat
260 Cloth
50,000 Wood

And about 535 minutes, or just shy of 9 hours of crafting time.

That is a lot of gathering and dedication put in to have it by Day 2, and if they manage that, they should be better than you.

And to your main point, surviving in Rust has always been easy. The hard part was and is surviving the other players on the server. Part of doing that was being friendly with your neighbors, or joining a larger group. Or never being seen.

The absolute pro tip to any solo player

To be honest, just the difference to raiding mechanics, as in, what can be broken and what can’t, has really shifted the balance for raiders. In Legacy you could trust in your ceilings and foundations taking as many hits as ever possible, but now, tower bases have practically gone due to foundations being the weak spot. The amount of C4 you can easily farm has dropped though, but that doesn’t balance it out, since there are rockets, cheap alternative for C4 that is capable of dealing splash damage.

And, currently playing as a lone wolf, I don’t see the reason to keep whining about hard progress. There’s minimum 100 players on this server, peak reaching 200 players, complete wipe done on last Thursday meaning everyone is fighting for blueprints… And I got myself set up. Quarry, Pump Jack, quite a large base… Though the fact that guns are now a rare sight, I have been able to survive a lot longer with my crossbow and sword.

haha i was exaggerating the fact that a lot of big clans have numerous amounts of resources day 1 wipe like wood etc due to the fact they can sit in a forest and harvest 100k wood which imo is very unbalanced.
the only hard part about all that is the sulfur and animal fat, cloth can be found in 10 minutes from hemp plants, wood can be farmed from 50 odd trees, leaving only rocks to be farmed.

I disagree with pretty much everything chillen has asked for, but I do feel the need to say that the problem isn’t so much clans getting an advantage, it’s more so clans not having any bigger priorities to worry about. They can afford to run around idly looking for any and all other players to fuck with. I’m REALLY hoping for some strong PVE type server events that can wipe some clans off the map if they’re not careful. Any group with 10+ members is just impossible to deal with, but between 5-10 is just fine imo.

fair enough. i didnt think about the priorities part which i totally agree with.
interested to see what you ideas you have for server pve events?

There was a caretaker idea floating around, which basically involved a giant robot or something roaming around destroying shit. I would imagine it would primarily target the biggest compounds on the map, to kind of enforce a soft limit on groups (unless their purpose was to take on the big fucker). I know at one point garry wanted a “giant” that roamed around, so maybe this is part of his long term vision.

There’s also the possibility of a more aggressive AI like packs of wolves or something that would encourage more people to work together and hopefully turn them off to the idea of backstabbing people quite so often. Really anything like that SHOULD help make people a little more honest, but it will unfortunately have the side effect of making solo play a little more unbearable. I don’t have a problem with group play to be honest, I just think it’s a little TOO difficult to trust someone currently, which I think is the root of your problem as well.

Rust’s current problem is that it has one-way of levelling. There is no other riskier, faster, or fun way of “levelling”, all you MUST do is the same farming+little stalking+little PVP+basebuilding+siege until you get bored.

yep, i agree.

on the group play topic, i feel the game is starting to be geared towards the big groups, i do not mind the fact that there is big groups playing as they will always have an advantage but for the game to be putting more emphasis on group play is what im not the biggest fan of.

i feel they need to balance wood harvesting as that is the core of base building and part of the reason there a huge bases very quickly after wipes. I’d like to maybe see the return of wood piles just for 1 week and return to trees yielding little wood to see what it does to the game in its current state?

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thats what we have all come to love i guess, back in legacy there was no better feeling than a freshly wiped server, no one had blueprints and was an even playing field. but i agree, one day the servers are going to wipe, you will log on but have no desire to play as you have done it hundreds of times before. Something they need to do which i don’t know if its possible or not is find a way to fix the 150k entity limit or whatever it is because servers are wiping to frequently imo.

How is chopping trees more boring than chopping a woodpile? (Sorry this is a pet peeve of mine.) I can see an argument for changing harvesting rates and amount of wood per node, the tree is entirely superior to the wood pile from an esthetics and thematic perspective.

You’re right about a shift in survival focus. Much of that has to do with the current permissive settings for temperature and metabolism; you couldn’t last the night in Legacy without food and clothing, but for now the devs are probably giving us a break while they add features.

Once the current iteration starts amping the difficulty on temperature and food/water, it will be even more intense than Legacy since you can freeze in the rain and run out of water.


The mind map had “siege weapons” as a follow-on to vehicles. Catapults and cannons could be required to punch through ceilings and pillars and foundations. The C4 and rockets could be breaching weapons instead of home-wreckers.

how come ark doesn’t require wipes?

Is Ark changing its terrain generator frequently?

Because changes to the procedural terrain generator, which break compatibility with old saves, are the reason monthly wipes are required. Community servers have the option of wiping whenever they want, but procgen changes are the main reason the devs require wipes. If Ark isn’t making sweeping changes to its terrain generator, it doesn’t have to worry about this sort of thing.

UE4 is also not running into the same ~262k-collider issue in PhysX 3.3 that Unity 5 has, I imagine. That’s the ultimate barrier Rust’s currently held back by.