Rust is broken i need help asap!

ok, so i have been a very loyal rust player and i loved this game for so long. Just yesterday, i have had my very first problem with this game so i didn’t worry to bad. Now i’m like totally under the bus right now. i am apparently having a problem on the main menu of said game.i hear music and see stars. the green background and all the lovely buttons we click on are not showing up. i need help. i uploaded a screenshot on my steam account of the menu.

please take a look and give feedback!

what i tried: verifying game cache, reinstalling twice…, switched to another beta version, verified in another beta, and even waited to see if the menu would load and after 30 long minutes of waiting i gave up.

i can run legacy, i want to play experimental.

i have exactly the same i finilaly found somewhan with the same problem but no solutions

Have also the same problem have tried to login all day.

we need help… im a bit happier i found others with it

Bump. I need help…: this is the only game I love!!!

I wonder how many players overall have technical issues with this game. I’ve seen so many variations of problems i lost track. ^^

I have a game breaking issue with the game aswell. Simply can’t play this specific game bec of that. Not much of a point going in depth with it - it’s not like it’s getting fixed or anything. I’ve seen ppl having those odd occurrencies reaching all the way back 6 months even.

Do we have anything?

It works again for me now, have not done anything.


Strange I’ll have to test…