Rust is BROKEN

My name and the title say it all. I’ve been playing rust for 4 days, built a secure ass metal house with 3 other homies. And over 1 night someone was able to c4 5 metal walls and a metal door on it and take all our stuff?.. 4 days of farming gone in one night is a BROKEN GAME. This game is officially broken until you make it WAAAYYY harder to destroy a metal building. It’s sad because I really like this game, but some people actually have a life… I’ll subscribe for updates until you fix this BS.

In all honesty if this doesn’t get fixed I’m sure the game will die soon enough.

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Are you even aware of the experimental branch? Or what Early Access means?

Well dude maybe they have been playing that server way longer then you, and well with more people did you think about that. Before you start having a cry on the forums.

Everything is going to change soon anyway with the experimental build getting “closer” to a playable level.

Roflmao yes on both. But who wants to play a buggy experimental version? It sucks you guys didn’t take expansions into consideration when initially programming the game.

Join a modded server with no C4 shrug

Don’t buy an unfinished game and complain that it’s not finished, silly.

Next time build your base in a better spot.

Welcome to Rust.

Early. Access.

could have been admin? :stuck_out_tongue:

If they needed to destroy only 5 metal walls and a metal door from your house to get to all your stuff after you worked 4 days then you clearly built a terrible one + you placed most of your stuff in one room I guess + some people might’ve camped your house and listened or saw in which room you were going and staying for a while => hint that there might be some crates in which you deposited or took some stuff from. Also as others mentioned ,it’s an alpha , have patience as you see in the next update the game will be 10 times better and it will keep evolving.

When I was first new to Rust I died and lost my 20 logs I’d farmed and my rock. I was going to cry foul too, believe me, sign up to this very forum and give the devs a piece of my mind.

Thankfully you get another rock when you respawn in Rust! Can you believe it?

I think Rust is a very generous game! Free rocks? Hardly broken sir! The very thought!

Remember me :D? WalkingDead I used to be your slave

just wait until you lose an entire fortress lol. Ive lsot 3+ bases that were over about 5-10k lqm in parts. shit happens :zoid:

I should really play Rust

Rust is not broken. It is incomplete. You are a blind man grasping an elephant’s trunk and declaring it to be a snake.

I’m crying because Rust is so hard it’s almost not Minecraft how do I shoot web?
There’s too many people complaining about how alpha this alpha is and how team based this team game is. You maybe should have watched a few videos before you asked mommy if she could buy you Rust this month on Steam.

Best game ever <.<

5 Metal Doors and all youre loot is gone? well little base not safe

Yes, enter my dominion :yarr: I shall enslave you, put you in a no-way-out house enclosed within my house and feed you really small quantities of food until you starve. And probably will make you sing “god save the queen” before each meal, just so you know who’s boss.