Rust Is Cool!!!!

I haven’t Played this game but I’ve Seen Gameplay of it and its Amazing. This is the game i was looking for. I can’t wait till it comes out, I’ll be the first to buy it! :smiley:

There is no Rust. It’s all an elaborate ruse to lure all the key beggars out of their basements.


Oh no! It’s all fake? I better go back to begging for a Cube World key! I need to play it because all of the youtubers played it!

Hey But guess what I bet Scout Dogg is going to say there is no Cube World either, Anyway all we can do is wait my friend and hope for Keys I guess.

Nothing is real.

Everything is Permited?

Yeah, I think I’ll be trying Rust out whenever I get a chance. It doesn’t really appeal to me at the moment but i’m interested in what the game will turn out like.

ayea im gona wait like a year

many of us want one my friend … wait in line

There’s no line. You get one if you deserve one. If you think you’ll get an alpha key by saying “I want a bet Ki nows,” you probably won’t get one.

Im afraid you will be second to buy it only behind me.

You’re better off waiting till the game is done. As you can see. Facepunch is not exactly the friendliest community around.

I think it’s friendly as long as you don’t beg for stuff or ask stupid questions.

Hah this is cool still

Two reason’s why the Rust community is agitated: 1. 90% of the players are paranoid and kos 2. The rest of the community has to deal with the alpha key crisis.


Haha I just realized the name in the picture wasn’t his own… that’s awesome