rust is crashing after loading "level procedural map"

So rust is crashing when ever i try to connect to a server.
It immediately exiting to desktop without leaving any message.
When I try to run rust in dx9, I manage to enter servers but having huge amount of freezes and lags make the game unplayable.

I got 4GB RAM and NVIDIA GT 9800 1GB.

I got this problem since devblog 78 and never got it fixed since then.

4gb ram is a problem whilst running rust due to the memory leak eating up the ram. Many people have been having this problem.

yeah, between the moderate gpu and the 4gb of ram, you’re a bit under spec nowadays. minimum settings, fresh boot, nothing else running, dx9 and you might be able to play it with a bit of lag, but probably the best thing you can do is increase your ram to at least 8gb.

can you confirm that the crashes are due to lake of ram?
because i have heard from other people who have 4GB ram who run the game perfectly fine.
Moreover, my computer probably produces virtual memory if it cant handle the amount of memory leak so
I think its something else.

i’m heading in to work, so i don’t have time to list the various OOM threads with people quoting specs of 4gb, but a search through the last 3 months would bring up plenty of them. that said, i too have seen people claim to be able to run it fine with 4gb. personally i run it with 8gb and a low end laptop and get between 10 and 30 fps on fastest with some setting tweaks. i don’t play long enough anymore to experience the memory leak, but that’s probably a factor in your gameplay experience too.

as for virtual memory/paging files; yeah if you have enough hdd and the right settings it will try and compensate for the lack of ram, but only to a degree, and depends on the read/write speed of the hdd anyway; it’s not the same as having the ram.

after reading the crash log files i found this type of error:
“D3D shader create error for shader [0x80070057]”

I searched a little about it, and replacing video card solved the problem.
Is there any other thing I can do rather than changing any of the computer’s specs?


The issue arises in your case because Experimental Rust is, by default, attempting to use in-game effects which rely on DirectX 11 (probably ‘Noise and Grain’ or ‘Depth of Field’ from the standard assets package in Unity 5), and your card does not support DirectX 11. Other than upgrading your video card, the only ‘solution’ from your end is to set the game to run in DirectX 9 mode, which is an option in the right-click menu for this game in the Steam Library window. Some players have experienced periodic lags in this mode however - stuttering every 2 seconds or so, after a certain amount of playtime.

The ‘fix’ on Facepunch’s end would be if they had some internal logic to detect DirectX 11 capabilities and - if DX11 support is not present - loaded alternate effects (e.g, ‘Noise and Scratches’ from the standard package which is a DX9-compatible asset), or disabled those effects completely. Most cards released since about 2010 support DX11 though, so it’s an understandable decision if they choose not to put extra work into supporting >5yr old hardware.

Your build is not made for Rust afaik.
The old branch should work fine tho.