Rust is great, except for 1 small thing

Rust is a great game. But there is just one thing missing. You should be able to strap c4 to your chest.

…Why? You know that’s gonna get spammed to hell and back with everybody suddenly running around blowing each other up and making the game unplayable.

Judging how hard it is to make c4 at this state I really doubt the chance of that.

In a Time of more and more terroristic acts all around the world i would consider an Integration of this Feature as unethical.

then using the assault rifle the thompson or any other weapon including the c4s should be unethical too because terrorists use those more than bombs strapped to their chests.

And how is it worse than planting C4 normally?

If you compare an assault rifle to a bomb vest, and call it even makes me wanna ask you two things:

Q1: What possible use can you make from strapping a c4 bomb on your body?
–> hunting? no. --> self-defense? no. --> raiding? no. --> suicide bombing? yes.

Q2: What can you use an assault rifle for?
–> hunting? not appropriate but possible … --> self-defense? yes --> raiding? yes --> suicide bombing? no.

So I’d tell that there is a slight difference in those two weapons which makes the assault rifle (in my opinion) less unethical…

But back to topic: I don’t think that a c4 strapped to a persons body would ruin the gameplay, because if you don’t let them near you (using f.e. an assault rifle), they are no threat … neighter to you or your house … and even
if they blow you up, they die too so you can just walk back and get your stuff …

Even if we couldn’t wear C4 as a suicide vest, it would be fun to be able to stick a C4 charge to another person though. I’d love to be hiding somewhere, run up to some dude, stick a C4 charge on him and run.

AHHHHH that’s a complete different thought. I would love to do that too ^^ and the other person has like 30 seconds to defuse it with a hard minigame XD

Stick them on your friend. Rush enemy base.

“Alahu Akb-”

if you wear a jacket over the C4, people wont no whats coming…

having a strapped c4 to yourself or somebody else would make for some really fun events to be remembered by the players. the “kill” command is unethical too, killing yourself well I don’t even need to use the “->hunting -> self defense” thingy.
Anyway as I said earlier, I would really like to see it added, would be really fun.

The bomb vest sounds unnecessary IMO. Just make the c4 stick like crunchmeister suggested. Alternatively they could add grenades back in and let you cook them in your hand for a funny suicide attack.

baking grenades would work just as well mind you;)

the ONLY time I could see strapping C4 to yourself and detonating it might be useful is in an airdrop situation where you’re getting chased or clearly outmatched and you’d like to go out with a bang, or very desperate combat situation in which you’d rather destroy everything than let someone else get it (think backed into your own loot room, raiders at the door, blow everything up rather than let them have it).

Any other time throwing the c4 would make more sense cuz, survival.

No seriously guys, the Rust forum is arguing over which act of in-game violence is the most terrorist-like again.