Rust is heading in the wrong direction, but I've thought of some solutions.

Hey guys, I know this is long, but it took me a long time to write and it would mean the world to me if you read through it and gave feedback.

Facepunch is veering away from crafting Rust into a very unique, true-to-life survival experience and instead creating a DayZ clone. Don’t believe me? Just look at what’s in the works.
If the game is going to be unique, and most importantly, team-based (less KOSing and more cooperating with strangers), the game must revolve around the “tribesman” playstyle. Here are my ideas.

What to Add:

Rain, or snow in the north (would require a map redesign, mainly making it larger and more diverse.)

Greatly expand on wildlife and hunting. Again, this will require redoing the map and adding in elaborate forests and snow-capped mountains. Introduce trackable migrating herds of deer with aggressive bucks. Packs of wolves would follow these herds and attack them (and players.) This will require players to cooperate and travel in groups to collect food. Players will be incentivised to hunt deer over other animals because they are not as strong and are more plentiful.
Hog passels will reside mainly in forests and will be aggressive. Sleuths of bears will be given caves and bears should be extremely fast and deadly, but yield great resources. Once a sleuth of bears has been hunted, another sleuth could enter the empty cave (but caves will be rare and probably be mainly in mountains.) Flocks of chickens can hide in trees and bushes.

Add herds of horses and cattle. Both aggressive when threatened.

Introduce animal reproduction and natural animal death, which determines animal spawning. If a group of players hunts the majority of animals in a group (one or two players could never do this as they would be easily overtaken by the AI, excluding chickens), that group will die off until the server is restarted.

Introduce animal capture. Chickens, cattle, and hogs can be farmed. Horses can be tamed and ridden. Wolves and bears, if one can survive a capture attempt, can be used as attack/hunting animals or placed in arenas where animals or players must fight to the death.

Speaking of player-built arenas, we need more structures. I doubt this is possible, but adding tree houses and rope bridges would add so much variety. Add large tents or teepees (with flaps that open/close) which players can pick back up, akin to sleeping bags. These, of course, will not be optimal protection against players and wolf attacks, but will shield players from weather when tracking animals.

Add more primitive weapons, such as spears that can both melee and be thrown, slings, and knives.

The door code system doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t fit the feel of Rust. Instead, we should be able to craft a lock to our doors and create a key mold of the lock (only when it’s in our inventory, so players can’t run up to your house and make a mold of your key.) That way, friends can access our door as long as they have one of our keys on one of their player-made keyrings.

What to Keep:

The handcannon, pipe shotgun, revolver, and bolt-action rifle can stay, but all must become significantly difficult to create. They cannot use military-grade attachments. The revolver and bolt-action must be tweaked to be more “makeshift” and unreliable.

Metal tools, such as hatchets and pickaxes. These should also be very difficult to craft.

Wooden and metal buildings, but again, raise the difficulty of creating these significantly.

Rad-towns. I know Garry wants to create a post-apocalyptic world, and thats fine with me. I not only welcome it; I would be disappointed if that aspect was removed. However, it’s currently too easy to run into rad-towns, grab the loot, and run out. Rad-towns should be treated as the “endgame” of Rust. Varying types of mutants should patrol the towns, some with special abilities. The towns and mutants will carry military items and blueprints for items such as metal structures. This means towns must be redesigned and spaced farther apart, with higher level towns in areas that are well away from spawn points. Animals will avoid these towns, so players will not be able to camp the surrounding area, and their group must be significantly stocked up on resources. Occassionally players will find mutants outside of rad-towns while hunting across the island. These mutants will drop anti-rad gear and anti-rad tablets only, which will allow players to eventually conduct a raid.

What to Remove:

Military item blueprints (Kevlar, guns, ammo, and military attachments.) Military items can stay in the game, but they must become extremely rare.

9mm ammo from the crafting table.


That helicopter model from Rust’s Trello.

40% of the things you want have already been stated as the intent by the developers, 40% are just missing content that is part and parcel of an alpha game, and 20% is “my personal idea of what i want is THE CORRECT WAY and anything else is wrong”.

i’ll go ahead and tell you, though, that the “key” idea for doors was considered by the developers, but the idea has way too many gameplay flaws. you have to carry around a key, and when you die you lose it… completely defeating the point of having a “base” where you can store loot instead of losing it when you die.

Agree with some of these things, such as the diverse map, the herds of animals, and taming. Primitive weapons might also be nice. I say you keep military gear and just increase the difficulty on getting it, because at the moment it’s stupidly easy.

In some things i agree but in another ones, no.

It’s not a bad thread!

You do know blueprints have been in the game since early in development right?

theyve been in since the start

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like 5 players at peak start

Wow, great idea if the dev’s don’t implement the diverse map, herding and taming, and teepees

OP, the devs have already said their eventual goal is to implement a good part of what you said.

Remember that Rust is an alpha release. That means it is VERY EARLY in the release cycle. MANY things are going to change, including the map, the enemies, the food, etc. It’s all up in the air. Saying it’s heading in the “wrong” direction is pretty dumb.

Right now rust isn’t even heading in a definite direction. The game is fun, and, I got my moneys worth out of it, so, if Garry decides to change it up, that’s his call. I’ll be happy if it turns out good, sad if bad, but, no money wasted and I got some enjoyment from it.

Let’s get one thing straight, the game will always be in development, this includes this imaginary ‘path’ that you somehow see the game going in. I’d be extremely surprised if in one years time I can recognize the game from it’s current state, both mechanics wise and how the game looks. I’ve also heard they’re removing military weapons+zombies and implementing more building options. How is that anything like DayZ? On your idea of the ‘tribesmen’ style, I know at least that Garry want’s the game to be played as the players want it to be played. Whether that be KOS’ing or playing all coop or 50/50. They just want to give us enough tools to be able to develop the meta of the game for ourselves, instead of forcing it down our throats. (This is all to the best of my knowledge btw, don’t take anything I or anyone else says as the truth unless it comes straight from the Facepunch crew).

Please also try to remember that we (most likely) have very limited information as to the specific direction that the development team wants to take this game. Nor does the trello (again, most likely) have enough information to even begin to wonder where Garry wants this game to be in 2 years time. Lastly, I trust the developers enough to know that they won’t fuck this up, and that they do have a plan in place, and you should too.