Rust Is horrible after zombies being removed

The new update ruins the game
The zombies where awesome and mutant bears and wolves really?
They can kill fresh spawns in 2 hits and there is so many of them everywhere
Also it has made alot of new bugs like when things die they just stand still and it is annoying
hope it gets fixed soon

Welcome to alpha, stop crying.

The devs have openly been planning on removing zombies for months. Rust isn’t a DayZ clone. The current animals are also placeholders, which the devs are also open about.

This is how changes and improvements happen.

Please don’t tell me you didn’t consider this for a second.

I know that Im just saying it is horrible at the moment. And Everyone keeps pointing that out I know its alpha but the game is supposed to be getting better not worse

So go play some other game that’s actually fun.

If you know it’s alpha, don’t bitch about its alphaness.

The game isn’t being patched for your enjoyment, it’s for advancement of the game. You’re an alpha tester, not a player, your “enjoyment” is not a primary factor.

You bought into it, you should have known for a FACT that things would change. Maybe not for the better. If you knew that, why did you buy it if you were going to complain later down the line?
Early Access is just that, a Early Access. We know people don’t like it, there have been 3 threads of the same caliber in the last 2-3 hours.

This update seems to have been rushed through ?? not sure if it was the server i use ? But every single time i tried to kill the zombie replacements last night the game froze !! They have also removed the shed glitch to kill animals …i know that had to be done …but it was a quick way for new spawns to get food and a basic weapon (bow & arrow ) to protect themselves from the kill on sight idiots ! also the wood piles and rocks shrinking to a very small size is going to slow down an already monotonous way of getting supplies … not impressed at all !

Its horrid,

Wolves/Bears every where…I thought zombies were alwasy ok but animals were a fking nightmare!!!


ps Why the hell do they drop lootz

You still don’t get it - this stage of development is not about fixing little things - they haven’t got the content in yet.

It’s a bit like worring about arrangment of furniture in your new house while the walls are being build.

just another thread… i posted a thread yesterday wtih these new placeholders. and everybody acted like mehh, it will be okay. and now since the patch became live on the official servers everybody lost it? apparently this patch was out 3 days now on the dev servers i didnt hear a single complaint from them :o

do people REALLY play this to kill zombies? so far i like the dogs better as you get the BPs faster.

can we just get this shit as a banner at the top of every New Thread page like we did in the past with the ‘YOU ARE GOING TO GET BANNED’ sign?

i have zombies on my server :stuck_out_tongue:

Alphaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ALPHA AL-FUCKING-PHA

People use this word as a weapon, please stfu, we know its in alpha, even when people seem like they dont.

Zombies removed? Fucking great, Devs are doing shit they think is right, let em do it.
Dont like it? Get the fuck out, we dont want to hear you bitch about it.

Read the blogs and updates beforehand so you know whats coming, otherwise your just clogging up the forum with stupid threads like this.

Ok!! Here’s the thing…

I like to kill zombies to get loot! I like to kill animals to get food! Now … things have changed!
Zombies gone… u miss them? There’s a game called DayZ!! Alpha also … but they have zombies!
Animals for food? normal or reds? They still drop food … only reds drop the old zombie loot!

So … from my stand the only small thing is that it cost me 1 more arrow on the animals to get loot, but then again I get the small bonus of food/leather/cloth when hunting them…
Bears replaced the black zombie! Still took 4 arrows to kill a bear, and kill a black zombie.
Wolfs replaced the red zombie! Took one arrow, wolfs 2… there is the difference…

Atm there is packs of wolfs and bears instead of single zombies … imo better … as … u have to make choices on how/what to take out first! you can easly find single targets to start your farming!

Go to split town… cool thing is … when you run up the stairs, or into a house … animals retreat as they don’t find a path to you. easy loot run!
Atleast you got some more content to think about … it’s a good start. No one said they are permanent … but Devs need a placeholder! Remember this … it’s not even a Beta … Alpha … Devs NEED to set up placeholders while working on things.

If you are so in badly need of killing zombies… play DayZ … they have no loot … but they are much more annoying :smiley:

I have 260 hours in rust and 80 hours ++ in DayZ … I enjoy them both!!

We just had a new patch in both games!! Rust removed Zombies and gave us Reds…
DayZ altered and hardened zombies, and gave us new weapons…

All in all … both games made changes!! Some like it … some don’t!

Biggest difference is that Facepunch was very fast out to say that Zombies WILL be removed, as this is not a zombie surv. game/DayZ clone!!! DayZ is played out on zombies… Rust is not! And now they removed them … to get in 2 other placeholders ( yes zombies was also just placeholders )

I had a blast in Big Civ killing 9 animals in a pack … made me have to think, and utilize a better way of taking them down … good loot!!! Good fun!!! Just as much damage when they hit me!!


Well done devs for this patch!! Another step in the right direction! looking forward for more content and more fixes :smiley:

To all others crying about what you don’t like about the game or patches and content…
Remember what the Devs WARNED you about when you wanted to buy the game!

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That will last until someone actually wanna play there … and noticed that as the game is also updated … they can not connect to your server … wrong build number :smiley:
Soz mate … only way you can play and keep the zombies is to never log out! :smiley:
Next relog … zombies gone, game and server updated!