Rust is it a good name?

Well as I couldn’t get in the test, unfortunately the only path I sought was to seek it out, as you do. So I did a search on Google and Rust is kind of taken way massively, it was not that easy to get any reference to it being a game, but high hits on it being furniture for sale, rust as in rust or a bunch of shops and other madcap games, but no reference to here.
I do think If I was in the development team I would of done such a search and created a name which made a more refined impact in Google search engine or any search engine of that matter. I’m not knocking in anyway it is just the internet is a funny place if you can’t search it you got a problem. Maybe Rust is not such a good name and maybe redesigning of the name is needed.
what do you think? As by seeing the video this game could/will be successful.

Often when metal is decayed or whatever it gets rusty. I guess that’s why it’s called Rust. Rust is also a coding language and a few other things.
The word is commonly used, sure. I still think it’s a really good name.

It is very rustic.

You could say the title is Rusty.

Rust is the oxidization of metal, i.e iron chemically reacting with oxygen and water. The result would eventually disintegrate over time. If you think about, reading between the lines it’s a very good name because in such a apocolyptic land it looks like it’s set in with the survival themes, civilization has effectively rusted away.

Rust, It was an odd name when i first saw it, didn’t know much about that game. But after seeing it, yea it kinda fits in