Rust is killing my CPU - Can't play at all and this just started today? Help me please!

So, I was running in a game today and I started rubber banding like crazy. Have played over 900 hours and have never had this problem before, and hardly get lag of any kind on any server.

Rust.exe process is showing as using 85-90% of my CPU, coming in at a usage of 1,000,000k. Typically it takes 5% or so of my CPU and runs around 100,000k.

Have tried all of this:

Restarted modem several times. Speedtest shows me at around 35mb/s - 20 ping.
Thought it could be a NIC driver issue, removed and reinstalled ethernet drivers.
Virus scans in safe mode all come back clean
All other programs local and internet work fine, even other steam games.
IP Config release/renew
Video and Audio drivers removed and reinstalled
Deleted Rust and downloaded fresh copy and installed
Restored computer to image from a week ago
In config, disabled all non-microsoft items and startup items
No other large processes running, Steam is the only thing open
Cleared %TEMP% files

Windows 7
4g DDR3 Ram
2.4gig G530 CPU
No windows updates recently’
Nothing has been changed that I am aware of at all with this machine since it was working properly

Any ideas?!

Thats what you get when you buy Celeron, the most crap-ass CPU from intel pairedwith a near equally crap-ass integrated gpu. I suggest an upgrade to a better CPU and a real graphics card.

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Wait, this problem is recent? Did you change any settings? Try reinstalling rust and see what that does.

I didn’t even list my GPU, but it is a HIS 7770. Has worked just fine for almost 1000 hours of Rust. I would love to have a better setup, but I have more important things to spend my money on… like my kids.

Fair enough. Try reinstalling rust, then see what that does.

Thanks for making me feel like a poor piece of shit on the first post though… gg.

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as stated in my OP, already done. Actually done twice.

I wasnt trying to make you feel poor :v: it’s a shitty cpu, is all. Celerons are the bottom of the barrel. I am assuming you have triedother servers?

yes, same thing on other servers. And I know it is shit, it is the cheapest, best thing I could throw together on a budget. Whole tower only cost me $250 brand new :confused:

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ok, so I decided to give this another shot… just pinged 3 or 4 other servers that are hosted in the US, which is where I am. 30-60ms ping for all. What would make my ping so high on this server only? And why is nobody else reporting high ping on that server?

Did you try to temporarily disable any anti-virus and software firewall? Did you do any other recent changes to your computer, like driver and/or software updates?

Just search it on youtube, you’ll find a solution. I found some video explaining what to change in the config file or something, and i went from a random drop to ~15 fps (beforehand i was getting about 40ish) to about 60 fps without having to turn my in game graphics low as shit.

Also, if your CPU is getting that hot, clean your heat sink and fan dude… that fixed game performance across my whole pc for me lol.

Try dusting your computer out. It sounds stupid, but when my computer suddenly starts losing performance, that’s usually what needs to be done. Just pick up one of those compressed aircans; make sure you hold the fans still when you dust them off though. Hope that helps.