Rust is laggy

Hey guys! Sometimes when I play rust I get some lag spikes and my mouse fcks up… Anyone know why? Or have a fix for it?

My rig:
AMD FX4300 @ 4.1 Ghz
8 gb ram

A lot of it is caused by running through a browser. Once it goes standalone you’ll get a big performance boost. It’s been said a few times around the forums. But for those more in the knowledge department (not me), letting us know what browser you’re using will help as well.

Having said that though… I’ve never had any mouse jumps and the only lag is people popping from one spot to another

The most lag I get is running around when new buildings appear. For some reason around certain bases I get more lag, regardless of if its big or small.

Please read other forum posts before posting. Your reason of lag most likely is because of your AMD card as this had been causing issues for hundreds of players (Aswell as some intel, nividia ect). You could try updating your computer to most recent updates to boost performance and clear you unity cache but it probably wont make a difference with rust at this stage.