Rust is losing players

The slope is slight, but after a boom in January, Rust is now definitely losing players.

-0.59% on the last 30 days. Numbers are going downward everyday.

Will Rust be the new DayZ Standalone?

probably the 1000’s of players getting banned for cheating lol

Rust is a great game. However, in it’s Alpha state it isn’t fully completed so it will continue to lose players until more content is introduced. Most people get bored with the game and will come back in a month or two to see what’s new.

When it drops by 60% then we know cheatpunch is working

some will be due to cheatpunch bans, some will be down to people just waiting for more content to come out and maybe the others are just taking a break Or they don’t like the game

I’ll play for a week or so then get burned out and not log in for a couple weeks. Whenever the itch returns I find a freshly wiped server and start over for another week before I get bored again. A 0.5% drop in population should be expected when no new significant content has been added in a very long time. People will come back as more content that changes the dynamics of the game is added.