Rust is no longer cake

Everyone probably knows the Rust game and many people like it. But the problem is that in my opinion the game was good until 2018, and now I will explain why:

Disgusting updates and attitude towards players, seriously.


  • Ban the bloody mice, are you serious?
    I have never seen such a bad attitude anywhere else

  • Removing Linux support - spitting in the face, forcing you to play on Windows

  • Input of the supposedly dependent shooting skill:
    Complete nonsense, tell me another game where there are macros in such quantity? Nowhere, only in Rust. Before that, there was a great random shooting, which excluded macros

(Graphics and perfomance)

I think words are superfluous here

Rust works just awful, the problem is that the developers have not done anything on performance for 4 years, the solution would be to transfer the game to HDRP as they wanted, but instead canceled it and just dragged the new textures to the old engine, brilliant. What do we have as a result? The game in which there is a lot of detail in the frame, can only work with 4-6 threads, that is, multi-core processors work poorly and are idle, and quad-core cpu can somehow give out 60+fps.

-As for the graphics themselves, it’s just a disgrace.

They took the wonderful graphics from 2016, which is very beautiful and worked perfectly for everyone, giving out a lot of fps, and made an ugly mess that only worsened the already poor performance of the game.

  • Gameplay (shame)

It is enough to simply compare two trailers of the game, the old and the new.
In the old one, we really survive, run with a spear, a bow, hunt, and even go with a crossbow to squeeze airdrop from a person with a weapon, unforgettable emotions, right? Yes. But in the new one, we literally immediately take up arms, we are already running in 4 people on airdrop, having almost top-end machine guns and shotguns, do you really like it? I’m already silent about real survival, when finding a revolver, your hands were shaking, and finding an iron pickaxe, your pants were full of joy. But where is it? where did everything go, have you ever thought about it? And I’ll tell you - Facepunch ruined the game for the sake of money. On the official servers, there is a total overabundance of resources, the solo player puts the THIRD WORKBENCH into his house for 2-3 hours of the game. Despite this, developers continue to add places for loot, for example, the subway and underwater laboratories, there ARE EVEN MORE resources, WHERE EVEN MORE???

Also came to mind the addition of a new easy mode, safe shopping in vending machines with the help of drones, as well as the most miserable new system for studying drawings - in general, a complete simplification of the game.

Summing up this paragraph, Rust has been a long time and is far from a survival game, it is a Battlefield with elements of construction and battles between clans.

How is this even ‘’ suggestions and feedback ‘’ when you didn’t give any suggestions or feedback to make the game better?

Personally, I enjoy the game still, so I cannot really agree with you.

Rust will eventually work on Linux via Proton once Anti-Cheat software side of things is done.

Sounds like you just don’t like the direction Rust is headed, it was never meant to be a game like SCUM where the sole focus is on survival and only survival. The amount of loot on the map isn’t even enough, most players want even more. I’d even like to eventually see ultra boring methods to get scrap (like fishing) which pretty much dictates that no matter what you do in rust, you are progressing.

Your TL;DR is exactly what most love about Rust, it’s like a competitive shooter with survival aspects.


I was just thinking that I’d like to reminisce a little bit about what Rust was like. Rust was actually a really great game. I liked the fact that, for example, collecting blueprint pieces didn’t give you everything right away, but the RNG that came with it had potential. You had to go to terrible road to get weapons. Weapons were valuable and not every player sat in their own base in a tower reaching for the sky with a scope attached to their weapons. People built towers of suitable size so that they were at a height suitable for shooting without separate sights. Now that the game has become progressive, it is much easier to anticipate player movements. You can see from the players’ stuff how far they have progressed in the game. At one time, there were a lot of different players in the Rust game world. Someone might have a Bolt Action Rifle or a pistol and the rest of the stuff was bad. The stuff was random whatever was available. Nowadays if you see a player with a gun they usually have a full set of equipment. Today’s progressive game modes such as workbenches force players to settle down and take up positions in a particular spot. Patrolling used to be more comfortable when you could build stuff while travelling from place to place. Today’s Rust is about sitting behind a rock when a person in a tower comes into view and trying to shoot them without gaining anything, because they just go and pick up their stuff again.

Nowadays when you see a player in a tower you don’t want to go near him. You want to stay away. Then when the distance drops the amount of damage so the players stay really far away from each other and nothing happens. The player with the tower just reserves a big chunk of the playing area.

I think Rust has taken a turn for the worse. I would bet that people would like the old system, but as the game was not so popular back then, nobody knows about it.