Rust is not working as optimal

I have been having a lot of problems with rust lately, for like 3 months already and it got worst with the HDRP update this month, before the update half of the time I was in a server my game started freezing a lot to the point where it was unplayable, I could not alt-tab nor disconnect from a server otherwise it would crash. It also took quite a long time to load in the game, it froze constantly on the loading screen where it says “Cleaning up”, “receiving data” and “done”. I also had trouble trying to spawn in, it took like 5-7 minutes to just spawn in the beach or in a bag along with this problem after a bit the crashing on respawn started happening 1 or 2 weeks before HDRP update where half of the times I respawned my game stopped responding. Now with the HRDRP update, all those problems are now combined meaning I have to wait long loading times because it freezes, can’t alt-tab, can’t disconnect constant crashes on the loading screen crashes on respawn, freezes mid-game, long loading on respawning, and randomly crashes sometimes. I have tried clean uninstall/install, check the property of game files, running as administrator, and updated graphics card with NVIDIA but nothing seems to work.

I know minimum rust specs are a 10GB ram, but I have heard multiple people that can play the game with an 8GB ram, for example, my brother who plays on a pc with 8GB ram, has no problems at all his game works perfectly

Rust graphics are all the way down to almost the minimum and my pc specs are:
Intel(R) Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.01 GHz
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti
8 GB ram
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
page file:13019MB used, 16641MB available

Here is my CPU-Z Report: Wormhole - Simple, private file sharing (will be deleted in 24h I uploaded it 06:47 06/01/2021 UTC, I will edit link then)
[File name is “CPU-Z Report.txt” SHA-512 Hash: F51EF96D03BF368B3D7F6A876615F39E073C8EADF94357BB9034C217B983A4681BA03A7DF49C5DBCCDC7994DE0C98BD15BC5E9FC0737AFD80A6211B1A2CB7D67]

Because the link expired here is the new link. (The same hash and name)

Exact same thing is happening to me. But I think it’s the Ram and they keep adding new assets and extending the Ram. The “Team” should focus on optimising the game… they are only optimising the new stuff that they keep adding not the whole game itself. So Rust is not optimised.

If you look at the Steam page, the minimum system requirements state 10GB of Ram.

They also suggest 16GB for recommended.