Rust is not working correctly, help!

Is there a fix to this problem currently? I will be playing and all the sudden I can not loot zombies or open my boxes yet I am sill able to run around and see everything as if it never happened. The game is unplayable for me, I guess a refund would be nice if there is no fix.


“We are in very early development. Some things work, some things don’t. We haven’t totally decided where the game is headed - so things will change. Things will change a lot. We might even make changes that you think are wrong. But we have a plan. It’s in our interest to make the game awesome - so please trust us.”
Dont buy an alpha game unless you are ready to face various bugs, also you say it happens all of a sudden? Wich means it isnt all the time? then its not unplayable and i really hope you wonät get a refund.

It sounds like what people refer to as “ghosting.”

I think it happens when your client and the server become desynchronized. Your client will show that it is one place, but the server lost contact and still thinks it is motionless somewhere else. There isn’t anything you or the server admins can do, it’s a bug in the way the client and server communicate with each other. The only thing you can do is to relog whenever it happens.

The Rust developers do know about it, and it is on their to-do list for bug fixes.

What hqtitan said, it appears to be an issue between your PC and the server.

I asked for help, not your opinion, the game is unplayable.