Rust is one of my first PC games and I love it!

Hello, I am new to PC gaming and fell in love with Rust. I currently have 92 hours playing it on steam and still feel very new. The only games I own are Rust, Project Zomboid, and Organ Trail.

I am still learning and this was the last episode I have posted. I’d like to record co-building my first real base but every time I log in I am dead and raided. All our time is spent gathering resources and our sleeping bodies giving them to someone else that plays in the AMs. :slight_smile:

Oh well.


Fun video, you guys make an amusing pair. Althought you need to learn how to kill a boar, those pigs took you too much. That glitch the video shows is really annoying and people says it is an easy fix accusing devs to be lazy for not fixing it. There are some threads about it around.

Hi there, and welcome to the world of gaming :slight_smile:

Am not sure if you found a good Rust server to play on, but may I suggest to you RustThem server.

to connect: net.connect

Girls welcome there.)

RustThem Admin

PS. You have misspelled steam account in forum profile.

Thank to you both!

Yes, I am still learning. I can kill with a bow and gun pretty well, but I still have trouble using the keyboard and melee. I keep stopping. The theme of the videos tease me for being a newbie, and I’m okay with that.

I have no combat skills yet, at all. The server we are on is completely empty now.

Wanna come to try a role playing server? Same as old rust but with some funny ideas, check it out

its a guy

always a guy…


you being a female wont win my like

I can respect that. :slight_smile: