Rust is perfect for Deadlands mod

Or any spaghetti-western theme. I know it’s really early to discuss any future mods, but I think the feel of Rust is really suitable to a western/Deadlands mod. Hopefully a very talented modder sees the potential. :slight_smile: I’d do it myself if I weren’t computer-retarded.

The look of the land fits, the survivalist nature of the game fits, the upraising of small towns/villages that can blossom into cities fits. A bunch of mid-late 1800 era weaponry and outfits and BAM, immersion city.

Im fairly sure there will never be any mods for this game because garry refuses to give out server files.

or maybe the game ain’t ready for modding yet?

Ah, that’s unfortunate. I was hoping this game would be freely moddable and work with Steam Workshop and all that. /sadface

Most likely it will not use steam workshop, but the game is on unity which is a rather simple engine, and the engine in and of itself has quite the following. I am sure there will be some mods out eventually with a community this big backing the game.