Rust is Ready!

It’s finally here guys. After covering this for almost a year, I agree with Garry. The game is pretty much playable now (minus the door/lock issue on server reset).

The only glitches left for me are

  • Reloading of guns
  • Drinkable water
  • Some form of transport would be nice, but baseline etc
  • Network code still makes people run sideways

So congrats Garry. Game is beautiful. Hearing a lot of great feedback from players.

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I see as well textures are finally in for the building blocks.

So this is the wood build.

We still have stone and metal with different hammers I assume?

I find experimental quite unplayable, I will explain you why.

  1. The graphics are extremely laggy, if you want to play reasonably well, you have to disable nearly every advanced option in the F2 menu. And even then it lags. Rust Legacy was extremely smooth in comparison (except when loading very complex buildings)
  2. There is no or little way to find your friends, it takes forever as the map is too big
  3. There is no way to own a house, meaning you cannot really build like in Legacy. This is the aspect which makes the game very uninteresting to me
  4. The gameplay is bad compared to Legacy, in nearly every aspect, starting from view, movement, inventory, …

Overall the game is not enjoyable at all for me. I tried it again today and despite all the improvements it’s still far from a nice.

For the record I have 1000+ hours in Legacy.