Rust is turning into a clan only survive game

Does anyone think this may be the case, because its going to be very very hard for a solo player to get up to speed with anything like a home that can repell the new ladder rocket scurge not to mention decay problem

I feel that if a solo player joins a popular server their chances to survive with the new ladders and such are very very slim and i think it may diminish the playing population

any thoughts ?

An organized society will always have an advantage over a non-organized group or single person.

Why wouldn’t that apply in Rust as well?

It’s not about why it would or wouldn’t, it’s about pushing loners completely out of game. Before ladders loners could survive. Now even other loners can easily raid your base.

I disagree about the rockets and decay. Rockets are no different than c4, if one can exist without breaking the game, the other can too. Decay right now is pretty weak I barely even consider it a threat even solo. You may have a point with ladders but I don’t think they’re flawed by design. All the ladder did was expose an issue that’s been growing for a while now. Bases are just too expensive for what they give you. If they find a way to address that for solo players ladders won’t be an issue.

I think ladders should not be stackable. And there should be multiple types of ladders. The first is the small ladder, which is the same size as the one right now, and is only one story tall. The other ladders should require blueprints and should be taller.

Shouldn’t this read, “it’s about pushing less aggressive loners out of the game”? Your own statement admits that ladders provide loners an opportunity to raid…

Dude holy fuck read SAS or the USAF’s survival field manuals, they teach a good deal about tactical awareness, adapting to an environment and dealing with the enemy when outnumbered.

Games like Rust and DayZ requires a quite big attention span when lonewolfing. Find friends if cunning tactics and a huge attention span does not fit you!

I started playing Rust again after I recently found a bunch of danes playing it, it’s awesome!

Take a page out of history and go guerrilla warfare on their asses. Camp outside their base at random times with a bow or bolt action. Cover the area around their base with floor spikes and snap traps.

I would argue that being a nomad (Once you have all the blueprints) is far more effective than being tied down to one or two main bases.

Ok nomad, how do you keep a steady supply of metal fragments for all those bolt actions and snap traps without a base?

Its easy when you are not being dumb about it.

Just keep tiny camps located around everywhere, dont fortify them too heavily or make them too large, keep them concealed and dont reside in one for too long.

Learn from life. Rust is art imitating life, sorta. Big guy eats small guy.

I can survive for days wielding nothing but a rock and a spear. I fight better than most of the dumbasses that just spawn and run towards the first person they think they can kill.

It is well-known that Rust is a very noob unfriendly game. People who just bought it, usually connect to high population servers and immediately get into position when they are naked and without bps, and they have to defend against big clans with AKs and C4s.

My opinion is that game will be better if devs allow newcomers to join servers with some special rules to ease the learning curve. Quests will be nice btw, if they can lead new player through Rust features and help him to learn how to build, how to defend or attack.

I came back from a long hiatus to check the status of the game and its leaps and bounds from where it was. I’m really impressed.

With that said I just played 3+ Hours on Seattle server and I could not live longer than 15-20 minutes. I do not really want to complain about that because its part of the concept of the game but I’m afraid its going to be extremely difficult and frustrating for newer players who do not have companions in the game. I’m not sure its a problem that can be solved with out diminishing what makes the game great.

I might give it another shot but at this point I can not help but think I have to get lucky to survive much longer than 10-15 minutes playing by myself. Outside of that, the game is in really great shape.

Then go host your own server, set player slot to 1 and make yourself admin so you can go full on autism fort building if that is the only thing you want.

Rust is not a MMO, go play World of Warcraft or whatever if you want quests.

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Survival games are a niche market and the biggest reason they are so massively popular is because of kids buying it with their moms credit card after their favorite shouty twitch streamer has played it.

Had it not been for Minecraft and DayZ, survival would be just as niche as it was before both with Stranded 2, Schiffbruch and the Garrys mod gamemode GMStranded being the most popular names in that market, yet all of them only managing to have tiny communities.

Survival games were never meant to be easy or friendly, nor have artificial difficulty or tedium.

Sigh. Skill had absolutely nothing to do with why I could not survive. If a person is not allowed to play the game they are not going to get very far no matter how much skill you have. Its comes down to sheer luck to avoid the players with guns. Its not like you have to avoid one person or even two. Do not get me wrong, this game is great for groups but a new player will not get very far with out having friends. Sure some will but it will be out of sheer luck rather than any sort of skill. Your elitist and condescending attitude kind of sucks. Its cool though, I and many, many, many other players wont play and you can play with the niche crowd. Some of you go on the defensive right away when any criticism is levied.

The only way someone would be “not allowed to play the game” is if the server admin bans them, and then they just go find a different server.

I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying it every time someone wants to introduce artificial handholding as a vanilla feature: Rust is not finished, and it is very definitely not balanced right now. Balance is on the to-do list, and it’s far easier to worry about small balance tweaks later, once you’ve put together most of the gameplay elements and components, rather than try and balance something that’s 75% unfinished.

Rust has a learning curve, and it’s a learning curve that’s made all the steeper by the fact that it’s not finished and it’s not balanced. Base defense is incomplete; weapons are incomplete; the building system itself is incomplete. Yeah, you can offer your feedback about how Rust is difficult for new players, but learning something new isn’t easy and nobody is even claiming the playing field is level right now. Rust is going for something a little different.

Shelter isn’t complete, either. Consider these concepts from over a year ago (that doesn’t mean they’ll never happen, but it’s all about priorities):[/t] [t]

Clever lone wolves could live out of those practically forever, if they were smart about placing them (and another thing that isn’t finished is the map, so that there is more variety and more opportunities for everything).

I have lonewolfed quite a lot all you need is 1 by 1 bases scattered about the world with a few resources in each.

Not surprising you cant comprehend the obvious context in a figure of speech. You haven’t changed much. As a new player it is a reality that if you come across someone with a gun you will mostly likely get shot at. As a new player the odds are in any given time you will come across many people with a gun. As a new player the more people with guns you come in contact with the more likely it is you will die. You cant avoid them all and play the game at the same time. If you as a new player are not allowed to survive by the established player base you are effectively not being allowed to play the game. So you can pretend not to understand the context but we both know that all it is you pretending not to understand my meaning due to your inability to handle any criticism of the game.

Where did I post about introducing a hand-holding feature? Where did I say anything needed to be changed? Where did I even say they needed to fix it? Consequently I ignored the rest of your poorly thought up straw man and thoughtless defensive reply. Some of you need to learn to take some criticism about the game. I still like the game but I also think my criticism is valid. Just because the game is not complete doesn’t mean people cant be critical.

loners before to survive had to hide ^^ HIDE!!!

I agree but tell me, what do you think the odds are that you can hide from every player you come into contact with? Again, you have to get lucky in a relatively small period of time not to get detected eventually.

So far i’m just trying to hide my loot,i look for raided bases in my area and then create my own little hidden room.I hunt and craft to get my general gear ready and then head out to KOS anyone on sight.

I basically craft ammo and tools at abandoned bases after fortifying my position a bit and then head on my way again.

It simply isn’t feasible having a permanent residence atm.

The most fun i’ve had is finding a group mid raid then then killing them with superior cover.