Rust is unplayable now.

too many poeple, 1 server.
im out, cya !

i had alot of fun playing this game for the last 2 month’s.
ty garry.

you didnt have to keep selling the keys, 100 keys are ok but 600?
i think you only care about money.

(User was permabanned for this post ("bye" - garry))

Good riddance. The game will keep getting better without people like you.

Bye, you wont be missed! Please stay as far away as possible.

Can I have your things before you leave

lol people, insaneparrot stay with your little friends. and the 2 other people im not giving anything. my thing gonna be dropped to the sea

Now impossible to play, in 20min going to hotspots on map i only found 1 player. Never saw resources or animals and random times begin bleeding.

Oh well. Cya guys tomorrow.

i killed like 40 people 2 days ago, its so easy but now with 200 people per day? -.-

Lol shut up nobody cares
Hurry up and gtfo already

WELL, considering we’re supposed to test it and not play it, seems like you shud go,

but I kind of agree, Garry, 600 keys or so for one server is a bit too much.

BUT, maybe Garry just wants to test how many people the server will have without crashing

I really like the friendly and warm atmosphere in the Rust subforum.

I am important people will care about me!

So basically, you’re getting angry because the tables were turned against you and you now can’t happily kill everyone?


Maybe you should look around a bit before you make a complete ass of yourself.
And you should got damn thank me for the pic, it took way longer then it should’ve to get that thing uploaded, then posted here, using an android tablet

I banned your rust account (darkrising) for you, you’re welcome :slight_smile: