Rust is unplayable post patch - tried reinstalling - tried fresh install of windows

So Rust played amazing for me on my laptop…here are the specs…

Intel 3610Q CPU
nVidia GTX 660M 2GB GPU
Mushkin 128GB SSD

However, after the last patch…I can’t play. My ping is low, my frame rate is great (locked at 60 w/vsync) but I’m so out of sync on the server, I’ll rubber band back once I move 80 meters. Aside from the movement issues, I can interact with a crate and it won’t pop up the inventory window for the crate, or I can run out and find a resource node and try to harvest it but I don’t get anything. When I open a door, it’ll give me the visual but I don’t get any animations (it just pops open and shut, it doesn’t swing) and I don’t get the audio of it opening either. I’ve played on the GF’s laptop and my work PC and it plays fine but my laptop just isn’t having it. I tried to reinstall both steam and rust and it didn’t help. So, I went to the extreme and did a fresh install hoping it would fix my issues but I still don’t have any luck. Has anyone had this issue, does anyone have any idea what may be causing this? Please help…I’m addicted and need to play haha :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


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I should also add, I’ve tried multiple servers as well as other online games. I can’t get any server to work for me in Rust and other games (WoW, BF4, Hawken) all work fine.

Also need to add, it seems the server will respond to me like normal for about 10-15 seconds before everything just stops working