Rust Island...(S) ?

The latest update vids with that cool water and little patches of grass got me thinking…

What do people think about a rust islands map…I’m thinking something like Age of Empires small islands map.

You could set up your base on any island then build a raft to expand to others or even bridges to close land masses.

I don’t want ship to ship combat or anything lol but a raft or canoe has been done by people in survival situation.

boats could be cool if they get the water right and possibly sharks & fishing.

Thoughts ? drawbacks ? issues ?



That is something interesting , it would actually be nice having an “island” all for yourself.Would it have drawbacks like being away from decent resources nodes or getting your boat totaled y other players ?

A survival island though, that would be manic.

Facepunch is working on procedural map generation with seeds (and hopefully types?) now and I would certainly be interested in an archipelago world type along with the one resembling the current map we have among others. If swimming, boats and meaningful water content were added it would certainly add a huge layer of depth to the game.

I think a bunch of islands with narrow choke point, land bridges, would be cool. Force alot more players to stumble upon each other, trying to get to the next big area.

Yea, if we’re ever able to swim the ability to create boats and skiffs and whatever would be great! With the new maps I would hope that you could have many different options for the world. Flat deserts, jungles, snowy mountains, and even islands, because honestly I’ve wanted to be able to pirate around the coast on a boat since I started playing rust.

By ship to ship combat what do you mean? Player manned cannons? You don’t want to see that? What about a 5v5 crew firing guns/arrows at each other from the top of the boats :D.

I’m not saying I would like to see an ocean liner or anything but what about a small-ish schooner or a caravel? Would it be possible to maybe have a floating base, or a boat large enough to use as one? Imagine raiding the coast as a pirate and anchoring in the ocean to recoup, and then have to fend off people in rafts?

Yes we need boats also then

Would definitely be cool, exploring from island to island, also like the above mentioned idea for different biomes. Would be neat to be able to make a barge and have a houseboat off the coast, or even be able to place barge flooring like foundations atop the water and branch out and make an entire city out in the water… lots of possibilities. Excited to see the direction the dev team takes.

that’s an awesome idea,
that could also open crafting to polynesian inspired weapons such as :

As well as navigation :

Wood x90 Coconut/cloth fibers ropes x50 Animal Fat x30 = Canoe ^^