Rust Island vs. Procedural Maps

Is anyone else slightly disappointed by the implication that the devs plan to abandon the Rust Island ‘test map’? I was looking forward to the current map being developed with new features such as more roads, towns, more rocks, lakes, streams, waterfalls, different climates, and so on, but it looks like they’re going in the direction of randomly generated maps. So to the devs I ask you, is there any chance of you developing the current map and using it as the ‘default map’ so to speak, for those players that prefer it? And to the players I ask you, are you more inclined to continue playing on Rust Island, or are you more interested in the randomly generated maps?

god i hope they keep the default map i love it

I’d rather have progressive maps. New experience every time.

I remember when i was young i used to play a game called phantasy star 1. In there we had caves and places but we did not had any kind of map. I had to draw the map on my own and i also had to draw the caves so i would not get lost :P. Cant wait to have procedural maps. It’s going to be fucking awesome.

I also hope they add somenthing to help us navigate through the place. ( Not a map of course). A compass maybe ?

They always planned on making a new map, the current map was just to see how big they could possibly make a map. The devs said they dont want to have towns/cities in the map, they want players to make their own towns/cities. Procedural generated maps will make each server more unique than other servers ontop of player owned towns/cities.

Randomly generated maps will give the game a lot of balance.
Today raiders are all well familiar with spots where other players hunt\gather resources,
and build houses, all the hidden spots and so on.
With huge random generated maps people will be more occupied with exploring,
while they also be forced to team up as you will never know what will you encounter.
Other awesome way it will effect players is that they will be forced to prepare for long journeys,
so after you raided and took over an area, players will move away from you and your overpowered
team, so then you and your team will have to travel farther and farther into the unknown…
Maybe so far away from your base that you will be forced to build outposts with food and equipment.
That way it will balance the HUGE overpowered clans against the small teams.
Every clan will have to choose, protect your base and stay put with less and less spots to raid,
or move on to a new location, and rebuild, while smaller teams will migrate along with the red lines
of the territory of the leading clan on the server.
With just the same map on every server, it is very common today to see huge clans take
over the entire server, forcing new players to quit, and older dedicated players to live as outcasts
in small houses on the edges of the map.

I’ve grown quite attached to the familiar nooks and crannies of the test map. Its amazing how something completely computerized can feel like “home.” I’m sure servers will always be able to use the current map as is. I’ll wager that eventually there will be map making/editing tools, so modders can develop it.

As much as I enjoy the current map, it will be good to see some variety. Randomly generated maps will mean some very cool, odd, and unique maps which will be a nice change.

I pretty much like the idea,i know it sucks for some people that they just got around with the current map.But this could open new doors for people to start off new and fresh.

Yes, I want procedural maps. Random generated maps will give you the “shit I feel lost because I have no idea where I’m right now” more often than just at the start. :dance:

The rust test map will be more like the map we all remember with a smile on our face, the good old times.

Procedural maps will take this games (already awesome) replayability, and launch it to the moon.

I’m very excited about procedural maps, but I do hope they keep the old one around as a legacy option.

Not to mention the test map, compared to just the portion we play on now, is gigantic. Meaning bases would be more widespread and player interaction would reduce itself drastically.


You can tell by what garry said on the topic, it looks like there is going to be the standard map, and generated seeds. So i wouldnt worry.

I know the map like the back of my hand… even at night :frowning:

I am really looking forward to procedural maps, personally. I love the current test map but the idea of joining a different server and having a completely different experience is a really exciting possibility. Endless possibilities.

From Friday’s News Post:
“This doesn’t rule out specifically made maps, but I think there’s a lot more value for money in this method, where the server owner will generate a map from a seed… so every server you go on could potentially have a completely different map.”

Looks as long as they release a seed for the island, we are okay.

A client side map generator would be nice, similar to some Minecraft mods I have used. But I also enjoy the exploration even though is open in my other monitor at times.

One thing that I see rly problematic about randomly generated maps is finding your friends.
How exactly will u do that if map will be random with size same or bigger as todays map??

THe only answer I see to that is being able to paint your own map - or hours of trial and error.
THings like buildings and roads will greatly help this cause.

Describe your surroundings to your friends with everything other then “eh…I see trees and and rocks!”.

Exactly what I also wanted to say ^ It’s much more challenging and fun to have new maps every time rather than the same one over and over again .