Rust isn't actually considering getting rid of guns... right?

I’m seeing some really questionable developer moves and im worried as hell about the future of this game. There are some great future changes coming that seem good. workbench craft time was awesome, higher level work benches sounds great, bow and arrow improvements sounds fantastic… but why are those taking so long?
In the mean time we have seen some horrible shit actually get implemented. The locked backpacks idea was laughable but I do have to give credit for the devs to put it off by default due to the backlash.
Rushing to remove zombies because of some ego trip that this game isn’t supposed to be a zombie game was a mistake. while im fine with replacements for zombies at least do it when you are ready, rather than making the game worse by implementing ANOTHER placeholder at the expense of game play. i dont think there is anyone who enjoys the incessant howling of the red animals. It appeared that rust was very near the final replacement (“all will be revvvealed”) but that seems to not be the case based on the poll today by garry asking people what replacement they want. looks like we have to wait months before we even get them.

this causes me great concern with the future of weapons in rust. removing high powered weapons is analogous to creating a really successful game with a large emphasis on gun based pvp, and then removing the gun based pvp… Now, I am completely supportive of changing the military style weapons for equal weapons that just look more like the bolt action or something. A rusty and makeshift AK47 for example would make perfect sense with the ‘lore’ of rust, even though no one knows what that actually means and it appears the devs dont either. sure there are some noobs out there that want a ‘caveman’ simulator or god knows what, but this game wasn’t advertised as such either. this game opened with zombies and m4’s, and its hugely popular.

removing powerful weapons would cripple this game. the only real threat in this game is players. you can farm enough wood and metal to make a base that is impractical to raid in about 2 hours. can you imagine playing on the same server for weeks with your godly tower and the only threat is players with pipe shotguns and bows? SNOREEEEE.

please don’t let your heads get in the way of improving this great game. focus on the important updates. i know this is alpha but at this rate this game wont be released for years. you are bringing in ample resources to develop this game properly.

Garry has said himself (don’t ask me to link it. You know damn well I won’t be able to find it) that the modern military weapons are “placeholders and for balance”. They’ll definitely be replaced by more primitive weapons. Slings, spears, etc. They’ll probably be kept in the game as really rare drops, but that would be their limit I would assume.

One of the developers stated on an AMA they would be making the high end military weapons much more difficult to acquire but they would remain in game.

This is exactly my point… do u think this game is popular because people just cant wait for spears in 3 months? This should not be the route the game takes. Its popular for a reason. It requires the devs to swallow their pride about some half baked idea they had a year ago and not try to fix something that aint broke

You have CoD seeping from your pours, its disgusting

I was hoping they were going to pull them.

It would be more of a challenge and a lot funnier to raid with revolvers and pipe shotguns. If they are going to leave them in, they might as well add sniper rifles and ghillie suits.

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Hopefully it will be popular for other reasons later. Right now it seems like it’s mostly kids that enjoy catching cats on fire.

First rate analysis there…What does that even mean or have to do with anything? I dont play rust for the m4 i play rust for thr pvp. And without guns of equal effectiveness the pvp would become slow pased and ineffective. Only materials would become prized loot and players with lots of it would just run away and your spear would be ineffective at taking them down. Pvp would become running away. And for the record i havent played cod since the original on pc ten years ago

My guess is that they’ll make guns more makeshift, as you said, to better fit the set/setting of the game. I’d guess there will also be some more balancing and plenty of additions. I doubt they’d remove guns entirely. It wouldn’t make much sense, in my opinion, to add them so early on in development, put forth all that effort, only to scrap them entirely.

well thats rational and logical but this is the rust development team we are talking about. they added zombies early on in development, put forth all that effort, only to scrap them entirely, and put another placeholder in that is 10x worse. this management has NO foresight and it makes me sick. mark my words this game will be terrible in 6 months if they don’t get their shit together. they take opinions from the community way to seriously. it sounds great in theory to develop a game with the players’ opinions, but its exactly like making a professional sports franchise business decision based on what the fans want. not to mention there is a lot of subgroups of players in rust that are extremely under represented on these forums. I know a hundred PVPers who are just flabbergasted with so many changes in this game. the dev team doesnt care 1% about pvp and its actually what makes their game good. the average IQ on the internet and on these forums is below average, and these are the people making gameplay decisions, it makes no sense. these forums are flooded with carebears that have some idea of what rust ‘should’ be and its half baked and silly.

Actually, I think that the rust team have said more than once that they put their own plans/vision for the game first, and consider user feedback secondary. Also, I’m quite sure that zombies required much less effort to implement than all of the firearms in the game, and they were certainly not as integral to the gameplay, either. PvP is, indeed, a core part of the gameplay, and they don’t seem to be turning away from that, either. I think that the game is better off without zombies. I think they removed zombies in order to focus on pvp as a more primary means of conflict.

The game is in alpha, and you are witnessing the process of ‘getting shit together.’ That involves a lot of broken shit along the way. I think you should calm down. Stressing this much over any game is not healthy, let alone one that can drastically change and break at the drop of a hat.

i respect and agree with your opinion actually, but zombies arent the focus of my argument at all. my point was that replacing them prematurely was a huge mistake and it shows lack of foresight. and your point about this game being drastically changed or broken at a drop of a hat is precisely why im worried about what they are doing. rust is the only gave i have fun playing, period.

If the game were in mid-late beta stage, I could probably agree something like that would be pretty concerning. Alpha stage is really not a time for foresight. This is a time when the dev team is still testing shit out to see what works. If something doesn’t work, they’ll almost definitely remove it even faster than they implemented it.

Sorry you can’t find any other games to play, but this one is still in early development and that’s how games are made…

I disagree with this statement. If Garry and his team decided they didn’t want them at some point in development, now is the time to pull it rather than letting them sit in the game longer and get more entrenched. I’m not crazy about the rad animals either, as they’re too easy to hit compared to the zombies - but I’d rather them remove them if they don’t want them in the game.

My guess is that the military weapons will remain in the game, but become much more rare and harder to craft. At least that’s how I see development should go, and how I’d prefer to see it done.

Not everyone plays the game for that. There are different styles of play. What you are arguing for is that your style of play is favored.

No it wouldn’t. It would cripple the ability of many people to get the advanced weapons and use them to quickly dominate. The gap between the start of the weapon progression and the end is great. What the game needs is a much larger set of weapons and options for both offence and defense.

What I am seeing a lot of is people whining that the game is going to change from the current state where they have a way of dominating. The authors have to balance different play styles against each other. If you want to be a bandit, you need people to murder and rob. If you want to farm resources and run away, then there better be some bandits floating around to challenge you and keep you on your toes.

If the game is balanced such that anything other than PVP is worthless, then THAT will kill the game. An ecosystem of balanced player types needs to exist for everyone. This is one of those “be careful what you wish for” moments. If the balance is purely in favour of PVP and bandits, all the fun a lot of people get from murdering farmers and taking their stuff will dissolve when everyone left is also a bandit.

If all you play Rust for is guns, then you need to go find another game to play.

Rust is not about guns. The guns are means to an end, but they are not the core gameplay mechanic, or even a necessary gameplay mechanic, to Rust.

As others have noted, go back to Call of Duty or Battlefield or whatever it is you normally play.

What the fuck dude!?

They should add more guns not removing the ones we got, fuck primitive weapons, add them but keep this ones as they are.

The concept of survival and progression is a big part of this idea to make military grade weapons somewhat impossible to acquire without a lot of time and effort.

I’m perfectly fine with this idea, it makes rust more interesting. I have recently stopped playing simply because there is nowhere for me to go, I have everything can make everything. Progression is the key to making players keep coming back, along side that it involves more content wider options of what to do.

Go away with your “Guns Guns Guns”, The whole KOS mentality is built upon the fact that guns are so easily accessible.

they didnt make the zombies that used to be in the game, nor all of the placeholders, the zombies are a simple asset on unity 3d just like the map and the same with all of the military style weapons. and also you cant have the average IQ below average because its The average

I don’t think the guns are going anywhere but it does seem that the higher-level hardware will become much more infrequent. This is really as it should be and I wouldn’t assume that you’ll be able to blitz build a metal base in 2 hours for very much longer either.

make the gun harder to get?

so you must require different parts like barrel, receiver, bolts and spring etc I guess lol.