Rust Isn't Rust..

Rust isn’t even Rust anymore. All there is anymore are WAR and kit pvp servers that start you out with Kevlar and M4s. You don’t even get that feeling in your stomach when you get in a firefight and you win, you get that feeling “Ohh, I just respawn with all of this.” and you move onto the next person. On the other hand in web browser when you had to defeat the Rust hierarchy to achieve Kevlar and weapons. This just makes Rust stoop to the level of Battlefield or Call of Duty.
And Zombies gave Rust that apocalyptic feel that you just don’t get anymore because of “Mutant Bears”, I know “We are not a DayZ clone anymore.” and I realize that Garry wont see this, but I’m not the only one that want zombies to return. EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT I HAVE TALKED to says that zombies should return with better AI and improved animation, something that could blow DayZ out of the picture.

-I also know that elixwhitetail is going to post some critical comment just like EVERY thread on these Forums.-

We should probably change the name then?