Rust isn't working for me! HELP!

So I got rust earlier and joined a server and got to a screen with a building with a wolf thing on the inside and then nothing happens after that, I’ve tried 3 different servers so far and all get to the exact same point.
Please HELP!

Same here! If you get it to work please let me know.

I have seen that only once when I tried to log in from two browsers on two computers.

Maybe that’s the screen shown when you are trying to log into an account that’s already in use?

Just keep trying about everyday, you’ll end up being able to play, I’m still trying to play, I guess it’ll end fixed faster if you post your consoles on this topic :

The faster we give them the problem about this the faster they’ll fix it.

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I can guarantee not, I just bought the game, and it does it to me everytimes, I didn’t try on a different computer though.

servers just went down thats why

I can’t play as well, because of the latest patch :stuck_out_tongue:
Only get around 20 fps when joining a server. But once the steam client comes, we can all celebrate :smiley: