Rust jingle that i created

I can not say i am very good at putting sounds together but this is the best that i could do. The bass track at the end is me playing like i said i am only a musician and not an audio technician That is why it sounds like shit.
If anyone could give me any advice i would appreciate it. This jingle was created with audacity and the two sounds effects i used are loyalty free.
If anyone else wants to get a copy of the FLAC file from me just ask and you can edit it and try to fix it.
I probably will get a new ass hole teared for making this and posting it hear but this is the best that i could do.
Sorry if i offend anyone.

It’s gay.

E for Effort.

Wasn’t that good, and really no point in making this, no offense intended.

I warned you guys in the comments.

The later half sounds a bit like a text adventure MIDI sound

The notes at the end don’t even seem to be in the same key.

Brilliantly bad

t for terrible

This shit is getting a bit out of hand with the 3d intros and jingles and shit.

I can go outside during the night and record what ever wildlife is doing for 20 seconds…

Whens the whole album coming out?

Make sure the album cover is made in paint.

Not bad ! :wink:

This should be the album cover
(Cheers to soennecken for the artwork)