RUST JRE SERVER/PlayCalavera *NO LAG* 100 players

100 Slot server with no lag and a growing community.



PVP & noob friendly.

fresh map?

no, but nobody is too big yet. the map is also kept very clean.

thanks for the help, but how do i get back to the base that the other new guys had built?

I would rather not say in here. Ask me in game and I will take you there.

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Or just ask one of the others.

logging on now.

did u find it?


all plugins are updated now.

ooh doorshare works?

Yes. All is working.

you should get the groups plugin so we can talk tactics.

ill set it up.

awesome, thanks.

I asked the Admin, and he is looking into groups.


the war between spanish and american players on this server is just amazing. they feud all day, lolol.

Haha. Yes, the war is very funny indeed. Have u joined a side, or just a lone wolf?

i am with another group, 4 of us.

Sounds promising. Do you know who built the base on stills near the coast?

on stilts? if thats what u mean, i havent seen it.