|~Rust Jungle~|=|WIPED 3/13| PVP | 5 min Sleepers| Welcome Kit | No Craft C4 | Airdrops + Auto Locate

|~Rust Jungle~|=|WIPED 3/13| PVP | 5 min Sleepers| Welcome Kit | No Craft C4 |

=Active Helpful Admins=
The server switched hosts (causing people to leave the server b/c it was down for a day) and was just wiped completely to deal with
multiple lag issues.

=There’s very rarely multiple KoS’ers on the server=
There’s a core group of players that like to try and ‘keep the peace’ so to say. However we all know PVP exists, so there’s never really any butt-hurt about any of it.
Airdrops are FFA central…keep those eyes peeled

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Remove with Pick Axe tool, no Floatsies
(possibly more otw)

ALWAYS 1 DROP WHEN 5 ON! For Every 5, theres a chance (A CHANCE) for another airdrop. 2 for 10, 3 for 15, etc

Log in through Steam on Rustnuts.com to follow where you are on the map in real time

Tired of those combat loggers but still want sleepers off? This tool is your dream come true. After logging, your body will stay in game FOR THE NEXT 5 MINUTES. Never let those combat loggers get away anymore!

…yeah…how it almost should be…


This server peaked previously around 45+ players and can hold up to 100. However, with the changing of the server, many peoples impatience took the best of them. There’s still a core group of 8-10 players (mostly mature at time :stuck_out_tongue: adults, who mostly stay friendly) still in it for the long haul (me included [Rager]). We are hoping to achieve this number again and get those airdrops raining again.

=|~Rust Jungle~|=|WIPED 3/13| PVP | 5 min Sleepers| Welcome Kit | No Craft C4 |=

I’ve played this server for the past month or two, and I’ve been really pleased with it. I’ve seen it go through some rough times with hackers (gone), bad hosts (switched), and unpleasant trolls (also gone). We’re now in the middle of a rebuilding process, but it won’t take long. If you guys are looking for a place with friendly players and competent admin, check this place out. You don’t have anything to lose.

I’ve played on this server for a while now and nearly everyone I’ve met since then is friendly. There are quite a few groups of people that live and play together and many of the are friendly. The server used to have many more people that would regularly play and now many have left never to return. I would like to see the server as populated as before and the chat much more active than it is now. I am building a large tower in the game that may or may not have space that will be available to new players and it will be the largest structure the server has ever seen. So if you are looking for friendly people that will help you out and not kill you then join this server.

I’m one of the admins on Rust Jungle. The poster is correct that we have had some issues in the past with lag on our previous server provider. However, now that we have switched providers and re-established the server these issues have been resolved. The goal of Rust Jungle is to provide a fun playing experience for as many people as possible. We are adding plugins every day with the aim to make the game more enjoyable without straying too far from what Rust is at its core, a survival game. If you would like more info on the server, please visit our forums at forum.rustjungle.com or drop in and play at net.connect