Rust keeps crashing and closing steam during gameplay?

When i am playing with my friend, the game will crash after about 10 minutes of gameplay, i thought it was just the server, but it has done this in multiple servers including the official ones, any ideas why it is doing this?

None of the official servers work right now and it’s been like this since two days ago. We’re all waiting to play lol. I have a large city in US East 3 and it’s really killing us inside :frowning: We want to play together once again.

I was asking why my game keeps crashing even on community servers, i don’t know why it is, it just shuts down itself and steam, then restarts steam and i can do with it at my will.

Idk, I just saw you mentioned official servers and thought you only meant those. Well I’ve heard some of the community/moddeds are also being ddos’d.

This has been happening to me as well. It’s so annoying. I am on a server and get disconnected, it says Disconnect (Connection Changed) or something like that. Steam just closes for absolutely no reason

If Steam is closing then I’d wager it’s a Steam client issue. If you have a game running (with the Steam overlay) and then Steam gets closed the game gets force closed as well.

I am guessing it’s a glitch only affecting some people, since DatBrick has had it happening to him too, i even reinstalled my video drivers, but i don’t know for sure that it fixed the issue. this whole thread is about it