Rust keeps crashing. Help please

Hello can anyone please help me with my crash report. I’ve been crashing constantly for about 3 weeks (since the introduction of the semi auto rifle) and it’s getting annoying as I can’t play for longer that 5 mins. Please take a look at my crash report via my dropbox thank you.

If your opening chat when you crash it is a known unity bug. I had the same problem this is from the developers: It seems you are having a known Unity Engine bug, which causes this exact crash when trying to open the chat. There is unfortunately no fix for it yet - we have to wait for the Unity Engine developers to fix it. The Rust devs can’t touch Unity bugs, so we are all waiting for them. They have been waiting a month for unity to fix this. Be patient and use this in your launch options: -high -force-feature-level-9-3 -popupwindow -nolog -force-opengl -winxp

Thank you for this infomation

The code that you gave me just turns my rust screen black

You must run in windowed mode
Fullscreen Messes it up.